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  1. The Jesus Exile face looks so much more Jedi like, and it looks like he's been exiled for 10 years, and he suits Jedi Robes more but the other guy is used on the offical site and looks like a badass sigh i just cant decide
  2. (w00t) I cant decide between jesus guy and the one from the offical site!! HELP! :">
  3. Yeah, the game may be easy but its realistic, i mean a Jedi would be able to cut his way through everything thrown at him. Apparently consular/weapon master is the best, but i always prefer starting as sentinal, good balance of life and force points, and MMMMMMMMMMMMM all those skills for upgrades and extra dialog options, i always start with 16int as well. Cus the game is so easy its best to stock up on skills, cus ure gonna beat everything easily anyway, may as well unlock all the extra things with high skills. most jedi seem to go the guardian/jedi master route, but guardians ge
  4. how dare you insult kyle katarn! he's like in the top 30 of best jedi ever easily, i mean he was 2nd to luke skywalker.. thats saying something..
  5. Kreia wasnt evil... did you not understand the kotor2 story :S
  6. Internet IQ tests are Stupid <_< mwahahaa just cus my score beat yours.... :ph34r:
  7. heh :"> thanks for the story compliment thou :D i took an IQ test and it came out with 126, saying that my answers indicated i was good at writing creative stories and art :ph34r:
  8. I think she deserves one! Here's a Medal Bastila Skywalker :cool: (me giving medal.. yeha ok its crap)
  9. I think you should have a new hero, who goes in search of Revan and Exile (read my kotor 3 story for more idea's like this :D) Would be cool if he/she was a student at the new jedi order, lead by Atton, Mira and Brianna. It would be cool if they overlapped kotor3 with kotor1 and 2, like the 1st level of kotor3 could be your a jedi trying to escape the Dantooine attack by malak, and you end up espacing on some ship unconcious, then you wake up during the times of kotor2. And.. i dunno... maybe you could arrive on onderon just after the exile or sumthing, like following him. wou
  10. Ive heard some rumours.... seem's a bit far fetched if you ask me but you never know...
  11. lol yeah i was a sentinal my 1st time through, ergh i got my ass whipped by yuthura ban and, erm, whats his name, master uthar thats it. proper owned ah well, now my charecter is unstoppable, solo the star forge with a bit of concentration, malak was still a challenge, which was cool
  12. Yeah ive been thinking the same as well, i loved doing onderon, fighting through all those people like a true jedi I think they should have more epic battles, and the moves should be better, like flurry shouldnt be hit hit hit, it should be a little mini movie, like, hit-block,spin,block,hit,block,hit. this would make it look a lot cooler, would also take ages to kille sumthin, but hey, if it looks cool... :ph34r: need some new robes as well, the jedi master and kngith robes were crap looking. infact the only robes i liked the design of were the normal jedi robes and th
  13. sorry.... seeing the words 'bandon' and 'hardass' in the same sentance.. kinda... threw me off my chair.. seriously..? bandon was so weak, a tach or gizka did more dmg to me
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