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  1. Idea 1: A PC Star Wars game which uses the same engine, toolset, and DM client as NWN2. This game should have all the classes available in the PnP Star Wars RPG. Obsidian has created NWN and KOTOR2 so I wouldn't think it would be a problem to work with Lucas Arts on another project. Idea 2: A MMORPG similar to Guild Wars. With the exception that it would be done as a Star Wars game. One problem with Star Wars Galaxies was that many people wanted to be a Jedi. But, that game really wasn't the best environment for player Jedi. So, my idea is that this game would be like Guild
  2. I think they keep going with the "real time" rpg's because they are trying to attract a larger player base. I don't see anything wrong with something like the original NWN and KOTOR games because you could play them like a real time game or you could set the game to pause between rounds like a turn based game. Both people should be happy with that. I just hope that companies don't try to do a sort of rpg/fps hybrid system like SOE did with Star Wars Galaxies in the NGE. Let's keep RPG's more like RPG's and FPS'ers more like FPS'ers. They both have their place and are fun. But they don
  3. Um... Yeah. The problem is that it's not wise to make such huge changes to a game. Especially changes like the NGE which practically change SWG from an RPG to a wanna be FPS. They lost subscribers because they failed at fixing all the bugs and balance issues. The "older players" were VERY aware of the fact that things needed to be fixed. This is such a load of crap. First of all, most all of the old time players I knew didn't even have a jedi. The players who had jedi were the minority. In my opinion, Jedi should have never been in the game to begin with. The first je
  4. Actually CH was nerfed long before the NGE.
  5. I started playing SWG when it was in beta test. It was a great game but a large majority of the testers (including myself) all stated that the game wasn't ready for release. There was a HUGE amount of bugs. SOE released the game anyways. The game was still great though. As time went on, SOE kept adding cool new things like player cities, mounts, vehicles and later even space flight. All the while SOE kept ignoring old bugs and broken skills that remained from beta. Instead of making small changes until the game was fixed and balanced, they kept making large reworks which brought new
  6. How long has KOTOR2 been out? Seems to me that when you update your PC, there is always the risk that you are going to have issues running an old game. Have you tried playing Baldurs Gate recently? I did and my characters were blazing across the screen so fast that I didn't bother playing it. When I bought my current monitor I consided getting a widescreen monitor. But, I didn't just because I thought there would be issues like your describing. Maybe next year I'll buy the widescreen. Oh and btw, writing rude messages just makes you look like an ass. Not the developers. Obviousl
  7. Actually, I disagree. I'm pretty sure I remember reading posts from the developers that stated the game(s) were created and then ported to the PC. I may be wrong, but I don't think so. Regardless of whether or not they were ported, the fact is that consoles don't have as much potential as PC's. Look at the difference between KOTOR and NWN. KOTOR was created after NWN. Even if you forget about the toolset, multiplayer and DM client capabilities there is still a claustrophobic feel to the KOTOR games which is made up of a series of hall ways with rooms attached where you can complete qu
  8. I personally think they should take the NWN2 engine/toolset/DM client and create another game. Maybe a star wars game. There are a lot of Star Wars fans who loved the KOTOR series (Check out the current poll on the Lucas Arts site, KOTOR was voted the most popular Star Wars game). Imagine a KOTOR like game with the addition of a toolset and DM client that is available in NWN2. Of course this game should include classes other than Jedi. My least favorite part of the KOTOR series was the fact that they were made for consoles and then ported to the PC. I'd like to see a KOTOR game made w
  9. I'd also like to see the lighside/darkside choices be more subtle. There could be some obvious darkside choices, but not all of them should be. The game should also NOT notify you when you've gained alignment changes (other than the scale shown on the character sheet). All this does is notify the player to reload if they don't like the adjustment. I also think that changes towards the darkside should be much swifter than changes towards the lightside. We should have to make atleast 3 lightside choices in order to make up for each darkside choice. Maybe more...
  10. Hmm... That doesn't sound good. I suppose Bioware owns the unchanged parts of the engine. I'd like to see a company take the whole toolset/GM client idea and run with it. We need more PC games like that. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> On the other hand, haven't most of the finest combinations of good game design with good engine design been a consequence of collaboration rather than internal development by a single party? Carmack has created some great FPS engines, but it's always been the third parties who made the most of them. Valve did great things with Half-Life, but they did
  11. Hey, just so everybody knows... Bethesda owns the rights to the Fallout series. (w00t) Yes, I know it has been said already 3 times. I am being a smart@ss
  12. I wonder how long it would take to convert NWN2 to a Star Wars game if Obsidian finished NWN2 and Lucas Arts gave them the go ahead to start the project? The engine, client, and scripting tools would be good to go for the most part. I really have to clue how long it would take to make all the models, textures, etc... Not to mention the official campaign. Is there a Developer who would be willing to take an unofficial "shot in the dark"? 2 years? Maybe 1 year? I also wonder if Obsidian has considered other types of games based on the same engine/toolset combination like NWN2? In anot
  13. Hmm... That doesn't sound good. I suppose Bioware owns the unchanged parts of the engine. I'd like to see a company take the whole toolset/GM client idea and run with it. We need more PC games like that. I'd also like to see someone come up with a multiplayer game that has server software that can connect with PC or console clients. I would think that it's do able.
  14. This Jedi Knight games are twitch based like that. I like the d20 turn based combat in the KOTOR games. I especially like that you can decide whether or not the game pauses at all.
  15. What the deuce is a quote board? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Wait a moment! It is! It has to be! You know when holding sift key and clicking credits in fallouts you get to see quotes by developement staff. This must mean that they are preparing to make fallout 3! The whole bethesda making fallout 3 was just a clever ruse! IT`S OFFICIAL! OBSIDIAN IS MAKING FALLOUT 3!! (w00t) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Hmm... This brings a question to mind. If Obsidian is developing a new engine for NWN2... Does this mean that they own the NWN2 engine? Or does Atari own it? Or does
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