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  1. i recently finished the game, i own all versions of the boards game. i have to say the lost of quest mode, recently drop my ranking and enjoyment of the game. in hindsight it was easily the best and most fun part of the game. they need to bring it back, and also add the rest of the archtypes from the expansion sets.
  2. I thought the CEO said they were not working on a vampire game.
  3. Is Tim Cain working on a Pathinder rules follow up to TOEE (it goes without saying, but not using the wretched unity engine), and if he isn't, then why the hell not?
  4. quest mode would be terrible if you advanced any faster, the advancement right is perfect. the only thing I do agree with is that you should be rewarded or given a bonus based on how fast you finish the encounter. there should also be an XP bonus for higher difficulties and not just a gold bonus.
  5. I notice this all the time with regards to monsters or barriers being reshuffled into the deck either because they were undefeated or evaded. I always assume the evaded monster is going to come up next or undefeated barrier is going to come up next. I don't think it's confirmation bias either. The dice rolling is pretty good no issues there that I have seen.
  6. It totally makes sense that they are waiting to release all the decks before porting the game to Steam. However I highly doubt there will be any voices added, nor would I want them to take the time to record voice acting before releasing the game on PC. they actually have a voice recording for the adventure path already.
  7. A PC release I think would need to be the full adventure. I also think it would probably be a good idea to have the actual voices say the lines during the story mode.
  8. the reason you send the high charisma person to the village is so that you don't have to recharge cards and you can maximize explorations.
  9. siren because valorous is always running in to him and it takes 3 blessing to take him down Sytr because seoni is always running into him and it's 4 blessings to beat him traitor because it's always a good ally that gets taken. Zombie horde because all the time wasted to fight them all skeleton horde, because if I have mirstiel avoid, it remains undefeated. explosive runes, because OMG that thing does massive damage. 
  10. based on an interview at Gen con I saw, there will be a windows version but they can't announce yet. I'm not sure why they have to announce the ios version first and not the other versions.
  11. this is not correct. The OGL is actually kind of clear about the topic, in that it states the requirements you must satisfy... but it doesn't provide any advice on how to actually go about satisfying them. Wizards of the Coast did post a couple of FAQs in 2004 that touch on the topic: Main OGL FAQ: OGL FAQ wrote: Q: I want to distribute computer software using the OGL. Is that possible? A: Yes, it's certainly possible. The most significant thing that will impact your effort is that you have to give all the recipients the right to extract and use any Open Game Content you've included i
  12. pathfinder has a lot of settings, depending on the region. for instance the last AP, was took play in what you could consider anceint egypt, one was about pirates, this month's is about, androids, robots and lasters. there are places which are ruled by undead, there are places ruled demons, there is a nation where magic is outlawed. a pathfinder RPG could look as simmilar or as dissimmilar as obsidian chooses. as long as Tim Cain gets to redo TOEE pathfinder style, i will be happy. How good are these APs? Because ToEE had **** content exactly because they followed the module closely.
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