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  1. Teamwork just happens. You don't need to trigger it. Presumably, if Lem were at the same location as you and fighting a monster, it would "pop".
  2. Thank you. I didn't expect any specifics, I really just wanted to give my opinion about what I found fun and not fun about Quest mode. I'm sure you will do an amazing job in the coming patches with improving it!
  3. I understand what you're saying; I just happen to disagree completely. First of all, it's unclear who Obsidian designed Quest mode for, and I don't think that you know given that you don't have a Dev tag slapped on your profile. One would think it would be for the same people who enjoyed Story mode and want more. I sense that there is some sort of implicit accusation I'm not hardcore enough and always hate grinding - let me dispel this notion by noting that I've got hundreds of hours on Disgaea games doing nothing but grinding. Slow grinding is not a sin of game design unto itself; slow grinding with extremely infrequent rewards, on the other hand, is a paradigm that is rightfully hated by most gamers (ref: pre-loot-2.0 Diablo 3). Second, I feel like people are not doing the math here. If it takes three games/wins to increase in level, and each of those games takes 20 minutes, then by the time we hit the eventual presumptive level cap of 70, that is 70 hours of gameplay in Quest mode alone, and that's assuming something of a best case. If it were to take five sessions (3-4 wins plus 1-2 losses), you'd be at something closer to 115 hours. And, doing some averaging here, if ten levels takes ten hours, I am getting a meaningful advancement for my character roughly every 3-5 hours (7/10 of the rewards atm usually being trash cards). These would be punishing numbers on a table, and they are just as punishing on my phone. Finally, the idea that Obsidian must turn Quest mode into a slow grind to stretch out the content is basically saying the designers suck at their jobs, and had to artificially generate more gameplay hours to make up for a lack of content. I don't think that's the case here - I think they rushed Quest mode, and it still needs significant tuning. If I want to stretch out Quest mode, I'll play it on Heroic or Legendary for more challenge. Don't punish me for trying to access more content at a rate that a normal gamer would find gratifying. I'd much rather they make Quest mode three times as fun and take half as long to reach cap.
  4. To be fair, this is also true about Story mode as well. The game is *doable* solo, but is in no way balanced towards it, and with some heroes in particular you need a good dose of luck to beat some of the challenges presented. Also, I haven't particularly advanced in Quest mode (it bores me) but does it have the same crap as Story where you can play a solo Seoni and then you get a *reward* in the form of a random Armor (which has no way at all to be useful to that hero) ? Yuppers. But worse, because in Quest mode, it's 60%-70% of the rewards, and you only get them on a level up. It's like getting one random card per adventure deck. Maybe some logic to provide better cards (next deck/tier up?) would help alleviate that - at least when you get your stuff, it's not a dull shortsword or something.
  5. As you, say it's a matter of taste. I think that when the balance is altered to the point that solo'ing is no longer a viable option, you've got a balance issue. In fact, I'd argue that certain party compositions are unfairly punished in quest mode, period. If you want an extra challenge, choose a higher difficulty level... don't force it on people on normal difficulty.
  6. It does, but only when you get into the next Tier. I should have phrased this better. If I'm playing on Legendary difficulty, with the two wildcard challenges, I feel like I should get more experience in general. Example: right now, I've got the "+1 to challenge to all checks" wildcard and the "+3 challenge to all boons" scenario power. That makes things way harder, yet no increase in experience.
  7. My complaint about the exp, besides it being low, is that it does not scale with difficulty. I just killed a CR16 Ogre, and... 211 experience. If I'm playing on the highest difficulty, why is my experience not scaling upwards by some multiplier?
  8. I like the concept of Quest mode. I have played a lot of it, and with all the characters. But... I have quibbles with Quest Mode right now: 1. Advancement rates past level ~13 slow down to a crawl. 2. The rewards for advancement are trash (ie, random cards) about 6/10 of the time. 3. It is almost impossible to solo with certain characters due to the "random-but-preconfigured" location setups. If I'm trying to solo Merisiel, and I get 2/3 of the locations requiring a Divine check to close, I may as well forfeit. 4. You are actively punished for doing well in a scenario and closing things too fast, because you don't get the experience from the monsters you banish. The experience devolves into "win 3-4 times, and you'll usually get a single random card that is probably useless". And that's 3-4 wins - and given the increased raised difficulty of Quest mode due to deck changes and not being able to create my own starting decks, that's usually going to be more than 3-4 sessions. Sorry, but that's not really fun. Or, to be fair, it's not as fun as it could be. (I know that someone is going to say that you keep the cards on a loss. But I've generally got all of the cards I want out of a set the first 20 sessions through....) There's a few things that could be done (not all at the same time) to fix these problems. Award experience on a loss to all living characters. Increase the scaling factor of experience on tougher challenge cards, or by character level so that it only averages 2 wins to level up. Adjust the location setups to have the easier closing conditions as the first locations, or do some logic to determine which ones are feasible for the characters. Give a substantial exp bonus for every card left in the blessing deck when you win. The list goes on and on. Story mode is fun because the rewards are substantial and the gear is awesome. Quest mode tends to not hold up well in that comparison.
  9. I created an account solely to talk about this issue, so I'm happy someone else is also reporting it. Right now, if a character is dead in quest mode but your party wins, that character does not get any "checkbox" rewards. This basically means you've got to forfeit if you think you're close to such a level, or it means you've got to trash and relevel the character. I thought 1.0.3 was going to solve this issue, but it apparently only works in Story mode. I've played a lot of quest mode, and the behavior I'd like to see is "all living characters get XP / rewards whether they win or lose the scenario". I could live with "all characters get XP and non-card awards if they win the scenario", or "no XP to dead characters on a win". (The quest mode experience level amounts are also insanely high past level 15 or so, to the point where it's non-fun grinding, but that's a different issue.)
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