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  1. I will add that I just started three new characters in quest mode (all three the new character alternates) and could not figure out how to change the initial deck. I have done it numerous times in story, but quest wouldn't go.
  2. Beating all the difficulty levels unlocks some pretty cool bonus cards. That is a bit of replayability. Not to mention the ability to use those characters that just received that nice loot from the normal mode adventure path. The Liberated Blue Dragon is a great card (final adventure bonus card). Now to actually acquire it on a character....
  3. I have to agree with everything said here. I never really defended anything on the forums. But I did love this game. Things played out exact same for me: App the first day available, full bundle next day. Played a ton at first. Lost a few higher level quest characters. Kind of burned me at that point. I still haven't picked it back up to see the new UI. I figured I'd check it out when the next AD came out. So, I just check out these forums once in a while waiting for that day. But, these couple posts... nailed it.
  4. I feel your pain man. Thank you for posting that hasn't fixed this either. That is good information to know.
  5. This has been reported after that last patch to fix this. I agree, it is definitely not fixed. I'm pretty sure I did exactly what used to cause this before the patch. I created a quest mode party using some experienced characters, then backed out instead of going to the next adventure. Bam, locked characters. I've only had it happen in quest mode. Lost a couple characters in quest mode to this. Link to the other post after the patch, and the one I chimed in on: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/87628-quest-locked-characters/
  6. I was wrong. Blackcloth is letting me add the 1 and stop damage. Maybe all of the reveal armors need to be looked at?
  7. And now all of my locked characters are gone. I'm done with quest mode.
  8. Pretty sure the Blackcloth armor acts exactly like Longshot11 describes that it should. I use it to reveal for the extra 1, and fail the combat check, I am not allowed to use the armor to stop the damage. I remember being confused as to why I couldn't use it, then it clicked, two use the same card on the same check twice is a no-no. I will try to pay more attention next time I fail a check with this armor. Bottom line, pretty sure Longshot11 is correct that this is a bug.
  9. This was supposed to be fixed in the last update. It appears that is not correct. Before the update I had a 15 Marisiel with a level 1 Kyra and level 1 Seoni get locked in quest mode. There were already posts about it, so figured I'd wait for the fix. The "fix" came last patch, but left locked characters locked. I moved on. Now as of an hour ago I had two characters get locked. A 25 Lini and a 26 Marisiel (the new one to replace the old one). I tried some things to get them unlocked, to no avail. Pretty bummed now.....
  10. Minor?? My Seelah disagrees. Kidding. Lots of hard work here, well done. Thank you for helping to hopefully get this stuff fixed, and make the game a better game.
  11. Exactly what i was looking for. Thank you, sir. Maybe as they iron out the kinks, they can then hit a real marketing campaign. We will be the "beta" to help get this in line. I imagine most who are playing anyway, are those who play the tabletop, know how complex this game is, and may be a bit more understanding. I agree with you in hoping the initial roughness to the game doesn't put off so many that development just stops.
  12. This may not be something Obsidian will answer, and I can understand that. But maybe someone else can give me some input (based on maybe amount of downloads on Android or Apple Store, and comparatively speaking?), how has the reception to this game been so far? I know it is early. I haven't seen any marketing. Maybe someone else has? I am hoping the game has blown up, and it has overwhelmed Obsidian. I don't play a ton of phone/tablet games (tabletop/console/PC gamer mainly), so have nothing to compare it to. The answer, if any is given, will not sway my playing of this game either way, as I am hooked. Was more just curious how long can I expect to be hooked. Hoping for this to go all the way through Shackles, Wrath, Mummy and beyond.
  13. Someone has already floated the idea of bounties in quest mode. I think that would immediately help with quite a few problems people are having with quest mode. Maybe have those bounties scale with what mode they were completed in. I kind of viewed legendary as an option for the "hardcore". Doesn't need to necessarily reward THAT much more, but needs to be there for those who want more of a challenge. The type of people who solo Lem all the way through. Not for rewards, but the challenge. 50 more gold and a couple hundred more exp for completing the pain of legendary? Pass, which means I am not part of the hardcore.
  14. I can't confirm if this has been fixed for someone who newly hits 30. But I can confirm that my character with the additional power feat is still running around with the additional power feat. I loaded her into a new quest, and there was no prompt to fix anything.
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