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  1. Is there going to be an option to change to classical hit points and death, instead of using the endurance system and knockouts?
  2. So basically wizards have pretty much 0 utility spells in PoE? That bums me out. A plethora of utility magic is a sign of a deep RPG.
  3. Lol, good lord. I admit I was surprised by no XP for defeating monster, and I would like for it to be implemented, but now I really just want them change it to see Gromnirs reaction. I'm guessing it would be one of two things: A: He goes on rants about how they ruined the game because of everyone's incessant whining. or B: He disappears. Probably the former.
  4. Gromnir, did I make some kind of personal affront to you man? You seem to be in pretty hardcore attack mode. Internet forum goers are always the minority when it comes to anything. Personally I know 3 other people who pledged on the PoE Kickstarter, none of them are regular forums goers (for anything really), they just heard "spiritual successor to BG" and jumped all in, and it probably wont even be on their radar again until they get the email saying "your Project Eternity game download is ready". I am more prone to hop on forums (though only sporadically), hence me stopping by here and s
  5. Wait, what?? I haven't been on here in a while (I've been trying to avoid any spoilers and just waiting for the final game to come out). PoE wont have XP for combat? That seems kinda crazy to me. XP (along with loot) is the great motivator, it drives us to explore, it drives us to fight, it drives us to save the farmers from those perky goblins. This was marketed to us as a spiritual successor to the IE games, specifically BG, and dont get me wrong, I love doing quests and saving the princess, but I want XP from everything. I want it from completing a quest, I want it from picking a lo
  6. IMO there's nothing particularly DnD-rangery about Aragorn. He doesn't dual-wield, doesn't use bows, and doesn't have an animal companion. He does have high charisma, rocks some healing skills, and kicks wraith ass, and he's obviously Lawful Good which would make him a paladin. The 1st Edition AD&D Ranger is based pretty heavily on Aragorn (they dont get free dual-wielding or animal companions, they also aren't penalized for wearing heavy armor). The 2nd Edition Ranger on the other hand was far more Drizzt inspired, hence the dual-wielding. Then again, to be fair, it could also
  7. Show me a single example where Paizo has failed to deliver a hyped product. As I said above, there is a quantifiable reason why people take their word as gospel.
  8. Paizo has a proven track record of community interactment. The CEO, Creative Director, and pretty much everyone else in their company are on the forums all the time discussing things with their fans/consumers, and not just announcments and the like, they will comment on random forum discussions. It is to the point that when they say things, people take it as fact, such is the trust that they have invoked.
  9. Can you not edit posts on here? The mods editied my thread title and I want to remove the exclamation point and put a disclaimer in the OP that this thread was created for discussion of a potential Pathfinder CRPG.
  10. AFAIK they can't use the D20 system rules as its prohibited in the Open Gaming License; so the game would have to have its own rule system (presuming that they couldn't also license the D20 rules independent of the Pathfinder setting but that seems like a lot of rules...) as others have mentioned, pathfinder Rules is effectively d&d 3.5.2. we like pathfinder settings, but their boards has become much like d&d boards in that a majority o' posts is dealing with rules debates and build optimizations. for many people, pathfinder is the rules far more than it is the setting. am curious
  11. http://knowdirectionpodcast.com/2014/08/news-pathfinder-obsidian-what/ !!!!! (Edit: It turns out that it is in fact a long-term licensing deal, with the first confirmed product an adventure card game for tablets, etc.)
  12. I didn't hear about this game until after it's Kickstarter was over, there's a good chance I would have backed if I had. With everything that has come out lately I can honestly say I am relieved that I didn't hear about it. Now I can wait until after it is released and have a chance to read the reviews.
  13. I have never heard of Masters of Magic before, if you had to compare this style of game to something else, is it more like the Warcraft RTS games, Final Fantasy Tactics, or Heroes of Might and Magic (preferably 3)? P.S. Those screenshots look pretty.
  14. What is this in response to? Only thing I can think of is maybe he was confusing Shroud of the Avatar with Camelot Unchained, the kickstarter project being led by Mark Jacobs, the former head of Mythic and creator of Dark Age of Camelot and Warhammer Online.
  15. To address some of the above comments. In 1E AD&D (1977) rangers didn't get two weapon fighting, the class was based almost completely off Aragorn. When 2E (1989) came about the ranger received a makeover that included them receiving free two weapon fighting (which has long rumored to be due to the growing popularity of Drizzt). Druids were able to use scimitars as weapons in 1E, long before the character of Drizzt was created. And Drizzt's teacher, Montolio, was also a ranger, not a druid. /endhistorylesson
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