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  1. Leviathan is not a class,but a ship name. The class is Interdictor.
  2. Bah! Who needs NWN 2 anyway? Better give us KotOR 3 and beyond..... :cool:
  3. ...when you going to bed,you spend and hour or two,before actually fall asleep,thinking about character development.... ...when you refuse having sex with your wife,coz it disturbs your thinking of character development :D
  4. I doubt that having KotOR II installed in is causing any problems in the first game. Most of the problems you've mentioned were either in K1 as it shipped or added by the patches. It's quite common in K1 for an NPC to use a combat feat they don't have or to use a lesser variant of one of their force powers.I found that the 1.03 patch really bugged the combat scripting for the NPCs and rolled back to the 1.02 patch which alleviated many of my problems. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Well,I agree that its very unlikely that K2 has anything to do with problems in K1.... its just that stran
  5. Is it just me,or this guy is really annoying? I mean... many (all?) of his post basically just useless flood... he stating basic things that every noob knows anyway... <_< <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Mockery: oh no! someone doesnt agree to what i say! also they are supportive to obsidian! i do hope some minor catastrophe befalls this evil Ki Rin *sobs* <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Not that I want to flame... just makes me wonder-where I was supportive to obsidian? point out plz.....
  6. Is it just me,or this guy is really annoying? I mean... many (all?) of his post basically just useless flood... he stating basic things that every noob knows anyway... <_<
  7. C`mon guys,dont just drop such extremely popular and interesting topick! :D
  8. Yes, KOTOR 2 had an ending, just not a very good one. If you want a game that truly has no ending, try Max Payne 2 or Republic Commando. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Never played Max Payne 2 and only played Republic Commando for about 15 minutes. How did the "not-endings" work in thoose? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Hmpf.... despite popular opinion,I liked Republic Commando.... well,at least single player part... though it was damn too short.... I just wish we could have alternative ending,where we can atctually go back for Sev.... it really sucked that we left him beh
  9. resently I noticed such problems in KotOR1 too. My char with zalbars bowcaster tried to execute melee critical strike almost everytime I were switching to another character. I also started to notice some other strange bugs and things (like all attributes dropping down to 8 when you lvl up,and only game restart helps f. ex.),that I never had before I got KotOR 2 TSL installed..... I wonder if TSL could be the problem....
  10. Best sabre is the one,that you like. Actually that can be said about pretty damn everything in game.... and not just in game. Just play the way you like most,and rest will settle itself. With time you will figure what works best for you. IMHO it really boring and stupid to play by schemes other ppl predetermined for you.... especially with all "uber" stuff..... half of games fun is to discover things by yourself.....
  11. Screw the lightsabres,baragwin assault blade is most kickass weapon ingame! And,eventually,you can get 2 of them! just my 2 cents.....
  12. either it was my huge save throws,or force breathing actually works..... I used it to sweep mines on malachor V :D
  13. Whats the point of this topic? <_<
  14. oh,btw,since we talking about bugs anyway.... In K1,when you converting to Jedi,do you suppose to loose all extra skill points for INT modifer,or its just another bug?
  15. Ah, yes, it has... Also Force Armor in Kotor1 gives 5AC instead of the 6 in the description (and like in KOTOR2) Thus Force Armor is USELESS in both Kotor1 and 2 as you rather have Master Speed (4 def and 2 extra attacks) I think... And if you want Force Armor you have to spend 3(!) Force Powers for an extra 2 Def above the 4 of Speed... Aditional Info: All the KOTOR1 Experiments were done on the Cat...But it should be the same for Revan... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Hm,well,looks like it useless indeed.... Its really sad that there many Force Powers that never u
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