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  1. In all fareness after he died on the Cross god did open a can of whoop ass.
  2. Another Jedi Knight game would be cool but its unlikely.
  3. You have to realize that they had limited time and man-power, to design the entire ship and make every part accessable that would be insane we'de have to wait for a system after the 360 just for a demo.
  4. It'de be cool if there were more then Gender and Face costumization maybe height, weight, hair colour, etc
  5. I haven't posted here for a while over a year I believe, mostly because upon the release of the 360 I sold my xbox and all of my games to afford more room for my new console and games. But I just played KOTOR1 and 2 on the pc and I noticed something. Its probably been mentioned but I feel I should mention it. KOTOR one ended almost exactly like A New Hope and KOTOR 2 had a definate Empire feel to it. It may be a mute point but I believe it was worth mentioning.
  6. I think after reading most of the messages on this post that we should all just agree to disagree on this danm subject both games were pretty good which one is better is impossible to answer because they are much different games.
  7. Its a pretty sound theory you covered just about every detail but your theory along with a bunch of other stories about Sith Lords and what not, has brought rise to a question. If they know their apprentice plans on killing them eventually why let the apprentice become stronger. I know most of you will say something like to keep the Sith strong but I honestly think the Sith are a bit selfish to think of their religion before they think of themselves frankly.
  8. your looking at it too simply if she killed Atton Exile might be just a little pissed and teaching someone after you've offed their friend would be one hell of a challenge.
  9. heres a wrench to throw in thw works, what if the Jedi that Atton killed that showed him the force was Hand Maidens mom and the Witch the grandma it would explain why Krie hates Atton so much would it not?
  10. You claim to be a hardcore writer so as such I feel I must ask a few simple questions 1: Are you published and by that I mean in a book or newspaper? 2: We're you paid for being published? 3: I don't think school is necessary but did you go? 4: How old are you?
  11. At the end of KOTOR2 Kriea says the Exile is greater then any she has ever trained. Meaning he is more powerful then Revan. If you ask me the Exile is the most powerful Jedi in the Old Republic time. No other man has had a connection to the force like he has; no other man could survive the connection after Malachor V. I wouldn’t want to see the Exile or Revan in my party or play as them, though. For the simple fact it would ruin the story. You are correct. Revan is too powerful to be played as. So is the Exile. I would like to see them play a major role in the game Such as, friendly fo
  12. I think you'll either be Exile or a new guy(girl), simply because Revan is supposed to be this incredible powerhouse of the force. We can all agree that having a guy right from the start that is next to impossible to beat would sort of suck. I mean even an amazing story, good graphics and lots of cut scenes wouldn't make up for having a game that my two year old niece could beat. But thats just one mans opinion AbOmInAtIoN
  13. Arky's right, he's not doing the movies anymore he made that loud and clear <{POST_SNAPBACK}> He's old he'll die in the next few years and then whom ever takes over Lucas Arts will pull a Disney and anything that could possibly make a profit will be made.
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