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  1. Do you find it odd that when you needed to conceil your identity as a jedi you could still unleash your lightsaber in front of anyone and no one would give a crap. Only in Dantooine did the settlers actually get affected by the sight of a lightsaber (not really actually.. well you know what i mean)... The whole story is about extinct Jedi... everyone thinks they're gone... so wouldnt it make sense that when you're in a bar- you brandish your lightsaber; and then you get some kind of real-time reaction from npcs. When you turn it on shouldn't they disperse or attack you or get arrested etc... Heh.. i know..i know... i guess the game needs a whole new engine for this kind of thing... but i might be wrong... thoughts?
  2. I think Bethesda should make the next KOTOR! I heard most of the devs are big star wars fans anyway... They could whip up somethin REEAL sweet!!
  3. OOOH YEAAAA... hey thanx dude!! i was toyally ripping my hair out tryin to remember and now i do...
  4. If ur using a radeon card; 1)download latest drivers 2)in catalyst- for opengl: turn v-sync to always on 3)in-game turn v-sync on. 4)everytime u escape from gameplay turn soft shadows on/off before goin back that should fix it
  5. shouldve mad a poll... but i think they are both good in their own ways... to be kinda off topic; Were there any female jedi in the movies... coz ive been trying to remember and i just cant recall seeing any..
  6. I like this idea... more replayability... Think about it, werent you sick of starting on Peragus all the time... why not have two starting points this time eh?... never seen that before (i think...) To be on topic... I really think that the main char will be connected to the Handmaiden somehow (like someone jus said)... Whoever he/she is, i hope that its not obvious like the son/daughter of Bastila+Revan or Carth+Revan...
  7. Ummm.. I dunno about playin as a force ghost... but i wouldnt mind being accompanied by Jolee as a force ghost...
  8. Okay just wanna add one more thing... KOTOR3 needs and must have a new game engine... better graphics. And like many of you would agree; A MORE THOUGHT OUT AND COMPLETE STORY!
  9. YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! NO MORE turnig companions into Jedi... I liked how in K1 Jedi would join you... i think thats better than training and then *poof* he/she is a jedi..NONONO.. No seriously the next KOTOR shouldnt have this option of training jedi... I hope in ur travels u actually meet jedi, learn from them, fight beside you.... BRING BACK JOLEE!!! Hez the best character from KOTOR to have as ur companion!!
  10. Reaching the speed of light i think is very possible... It's just the part of how to use that speed safely from point A to B... A line the length of 100's of light years will be impossible to maintain i think..
  11. I was thinking alot about this idea and I think that hyperspace travel is impossible... although i havent researched anything (yes sorry) I think it would be impossible because how can you maintain a hyperspace route (im guessing a straight line cutting through space to your destination)? You'd have to make sure that the path would be clear of any debris or anything that you would crash into in high speed right? Because space is ever changing how does someone make sure that every kilometre of the route is clear? Just a thought... Yes, yes... I know. History tells us that nothing is impossible.
  12. I would much like to see Ancient Sith vs Modern Jedi... but that will nevr happen
  13. Yea i had that feeling when first time playin dark side and then not even halfway i quit and started a new game (LS)... but then I tried it out again and it was really fun coz you are kinda more powerful in DS... But poor job in facial texture in DS transition... If your face is gonna be flaky and that obvious, why didnt they implement sith masks or sumthin.
  14. thanx for the help EDIT: any idea when the site's gonna be up and running?
  15. Ive downloaded something called the Kotor Tool v1.0.1900... it seems to be able to extract the texture files and evrything but it doesnt seem to show me how to put back my edited files
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