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  1. Looks like a decent game, nothing spectacular but overall OK. Looking forward to it. Btw does anyone know who is voicing Jayne? Very familiar but I can't pinpoint it.
  2. So you`re basically saying that (jsut our) ends justify the means in a thread about talibani unacceptable means towards their end? I find this killings a crime and condemable but I don`t allow for their use in lowering our standard of behaviour. Its not ok to stoop to the oposition level just because theyre there. Especially cos we have an option not to and are allegedly superior by allways pursuing that option. The west doesnt get this conflict and thats why we`re doomed to fail. That fact beautifully demonstrated in this thread where people compare the war there with a nation stat
  3. I find it hillarious that out of all the dangerous dangerous men held at guantanamo they only managed to sentance bin ladens chef and driver the other day. Its a good thing they`re there, safeguarding the civilized world from people like osamas dry cleaner who would put too much starch on our clothes, the filthy terrorist. I mean do me sideways and call me nancy, a chef/driver. Its tragicomical.
  4. Saw Kick-ass the other day... could barely finish watching it. So bad. I still have a bad taste in my mouth. Cage showcasing that his bad judgment transcends his financial affairs into choosing scripts aswel lol. Watched The Ghost Writer after that. Very impressed. Polanski delevered yet again and Ewan was very good. And I allways knew there was something fishy about tony b.
  5. Its funny that out of all the concrete facts and reports on the appauling state of affairs in Afghanistan from wikileaks the propaganda machine... I mean mainstream media... got hung up on speculation about Pakistan... Under the line the situation seems like a dejavu of the last years of the soviet presence... and the modus operandi to get out of that debacke is about the same and about as effective awell. Russians must be laughing their arses off. Saying that, Pakistanis would be idiots not to play both sides. They know that in a year or so the last nato chopper will lift off and
  6. You don`t even know what nation buidling is lol. Germany and Japan allready had a national identity. Waht you`re thinking off is demilitarisation. Nation building has flopped pritty much everywhere, when we talk about forcing a national identity from the outside (ie. Iraqis, Afghans etc.). And we all know this, so que "state building" - deliberate efforts by a foreign power to construct or install the institutions of a national government, according to a model that may be more familiar to the foreign power but is often considered foreign and even destabilising. Which is such an improv
  7. Each state has a right to choose itsown political, economic and social structure. We may not care much for it, but any meddling into internal affairs of any given state by another state, like the one proposed in the OP, is quite illegal. One would have thought that 2 "nation building" disasters in quick succesion were enough to teach people such change has to come from inner inertia and not outside influence.
  8. Disputable given the nature of the two and their past. You can almost look at them as north v south in the US frozen just before the last blow of the south to the north. And lets not even get started on how big a threat Iran is heh...
  9. Not as ofthen as the US does about China or Russia selling stuff to say Iran. Cos I mean, how will WE be able to invade THEM if THEY keep arming them? lol
  10. Irrespecitve of the motive (I`m with Gfted1 on that one btw lol), there is one tncy wincy problen in afghanistan. The same one that`s pestering Iraq infact, just worse, far worse. Well 2 problems actually. a) there really isnt an afghani nation. Not really there isnt. Really. and b) the whole notion of "nation building (by force)" is dead set to go down as one of the more pompus historical blunders. Next to the lebensraum one. Afghanis are not afghanis, they`re tribal people. Say it with me: tribal people. And there are so many tribes there that they make Iraq look friggin
  11. I like it. Seems like a barrel of laughs to pass the time. The Obama article is gold, UN is`t that bad either. Boy time flies when you start sifting through that. Not sour if I should be laughing or crying thoe.
  12. Luckly an older autosave seemed to work. *shrug* Ya well, just goes to show, save often and on different slots. But keep one backup save file from when you first arrive on a planet lol.
  13. My game ctds on the spot after I make it through the "underground sanctuary" maze. The cutscende between mira and hanharr in the arena takes place ok, pictures fades out and instead of combat... boom. desktop. awwwww. Is that a known bug? I have vista 64b and other than that it all worked fine upto now. btw, sry to hijack the thread.
  14. Gameplay Fixes Have been removed - all fixes will be integrated into TSLRP. Very funny hehe.... But seriously now, I`ve hold off from replaying K2 for a year now waiting for TSLRP but now I cants take it anymore, I`m playing it again. Any chance these fixes (most notably for the broken quest on NS) available anywhere still?
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