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  1. General consensus for the PC version is looking like it's going to miss the mark considerably. There are some things that ARPG players love about the genre that have completely missed the mark in this game. 1) Character Persistence - You want the character to be your own, completely customisable and as you level, your character should mould into your preferred play style more and more. The classes seem extremely pigeon-holed in this game. 2) Loot - Sure this game has a tonne of loot, but there are a LOT of duplicates. Even special weapons with different names have the exact same stats and appearance. Not sure if it's much different in the full game, but I couldn't tell the difference between the half dozen pieces of armour I cycled through in the demo. 3) Game World - You want it to be explorable and replayable (randomised dungeons is where it's at). The demo had you tracking through corridor after corridor with the random offshoot where you'd predictably find a treasure chest. 4) Responsiveness - You want combat to be fast and accurate, nearly impossible in this game with the current keyboard/mouse configuration. I had very high hopes for this game
  2. Finally played the demo: - Controls are horrible for keyboard & mouse, I kept losing my bearings in busy fights and my character would attack in random directions. - Dialogue & cut scenes suck - Enemies/combat are repetitive - No penalty for dying? You hit continue and you just keep playing right where you died :/ Going to cancel my pre-order until there's at least a couple of patches and a price drop.
  3. Just making this thread to collect all impressions for the PC demo in one place for the devs to see. Initial thoughts from threads around the net seem pretty damn negative so far, everyones complaining about the unintuitive controls and labelling it as a "bad port". Hope these aren't accurate for the sake of the PC gaming community... I'm still downloading it, I'll update with my impressions shortly.
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