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  1. This happens ehen you have to go meet the Exchange boss in the toxic bar; you cannot deviate and go into any other modules. But I didn't see that animation when the boss of exchange invites me there, even Atton did not fight with that twins---I fight with that thugs in my ship and after that I've killed thier boss it takes me out of the Ebon Hawk with Bao-Dur and that's it. I can't go to Jek' Jek' Tar
  2. Pinging: swpatch.obsidianent.com Retrieving autopatcher version information Connecting... swpatch.obsidianent.com Can not find patch file: /swkotor2/sw_pc_autopatch.txt Retrieving game patch information Connecting... swpatch.obsidianent.com Can not find patch file: /swkotor2/sw_pc_english.txt Get the manual patch. http://support.lucasarts.com/patches/Kotor2.htm The patch has been aborted I'm getting this too....
  3. I've sold it but the matter of fact is that I can't even do something. It looks like all game proggres for me freezes because I can move all over the whole map but can't do a ****. It's really annyoing.
  4. or re-installing your graphic drivers...try also play in graphic settings in game like turn shadows or anti-alliasing and these stuff...
  5. Try load an earlier save before you talked to the Jedi even before the cutscene...maybe it helps.
  6. Everything is OK but this time I can't enter the Ebon Hawk. After the battle with that thugs who wants my ship I appear outside the ship with my party members and I cannot enter the ship. It gave me a message "you cannot enter this ship right now" or something similar...
  7. I would like to if it was from Mandalorian Wars....You know play for some character from the wars but not conected to Darth Revan or Exile
  8. I have similar problem. My game freezes sometimes...I play the game for 40 minutes and then it freeze. After I restart the computer it works again. I have aslo Dual Core...
  9. I tryed but it doesn't work...Probably I have to start play again
  10. Ok. So First I must apologize for my english. Come from Slovakia. I play for the dark side of the force and I'm a Sith Lord. After I kill master Zez-Kai Ell my character should absorbe his powers but nothing like that happen and the doors wouldn't open. I can't leave that room...Anything help:-)
  11. The Darth title was more than just a symbol of power; it was a claim of supremacy. It was used by those Dark Lords who have sought to enforce their will on the other Masters. It was a challenge—a warning to bow down or be destroyed.
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