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  1. I have this hope that one day im going to go online and see something like this: Kotor 3 in development
  2. why wont this game come out for the p.c? what reasons for it are there?
  3. I actually really miss the old days of swg I quite around cu and again around nge. I played on flurry. my first profession i mastered was fencer, next swordsman with a little doc and then teras kasi. I think its cool what true galaxies is trying to do, and if they ever succeed. I would be all for it.
  4. But tha'ts just the point - I can choose to not take those options, but it means ONLY that there are parts of the game I don't get to see. There is NO other impact, good or bad. Conversely, if I choose to pursue those options, I get NO negative impact or actually positive (as with Bastila in K1), so there is no downside to defying the jedi code, which is a cop-out. Don't get me wrong - the jedi code is stupid in this regard. I don't blame people for choosing against it. But it speaks ill of the jedi council that their code dictates this, when seems to solve nothing, and given how wise the
  5. I think a fable style beggining would be good. Starting out on coruscunt as a child would serve as a good tuturial, then teenage years where a master takes you as his padawan where you go on your first mission to a planet perhaps like taris or peragus. And after that the councill assigns both of you to find out what happened to reven and the exile. Thats my take on what would be cool to happen at least. They could include some cool stuff into that, building a lightsaber, training and such
  6. what about options for both styles of combat in the same game?
  7. I would like every class to have in depth presitge classes. I think the jedi prestige classes need some revamping also with more options of feats. I would enjoy real time combat but maybe they could also have the option for the combat they used in the first several games.
  8. TARIS was wonderfull with all the people interesting side quest and stories i rather hated peragus
  9. I definitely agree with being able to wield a lightsaber at the beginning of the game, as well as even more enhanced customization if it. Though the lack of one was an understandable piece of the previous 2 KOTOR stories, it is just a lot more fun to run around with a humming energy blade. It also seems that a KOTOR III is a while off, though I wish it was already here. When it does come out, because if it doesn't there will be many screaming Star Wars fans, I would like to see a little more of a resolution at the end of the game. Both KOTOR I and KOTOR II raised questions that were not an
  10. To our knowledge no one is developing it. Their are rumors it is in development and lucas arts has stated they havent forgotten about the series
  11. I was only saying i hope it stays a console game I apologize for the confusion
  12. kotor 1 just because of how long it is. I had a lot of fun with the obi won game when i was really young and battlefront 2 is actually pretty good. if they make a third they need to be have a ability to create your own jedi and lead Jedi campains Kotor 2 is also up their but i felt it retrogressed from k1
  13. If they turned my fav game into a online game i think i would freak out. You have to spend so much time on those things to be any where near good plus no story, no kotor is always going to be a console game.
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