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  1. Hey had to leave, because Yoda came! I don't blame him
  2. T3-M4... Well you were smart enough to remove GOTO from the poll. It would have been a little boring. probably 30 votes for "him" and the rest would be disciple
  3. I love the old combat system, but i would be very happy to try another way of combat. So it would allow a bit more skill. If it should be something like Jedi Knight Series, we should have 3rd person lightsaber combat, melee and ranged. It would look a bit like the combat system for Battlefront tho... If any types of games should be combined, Lucasarts should give them more time. :angry:
  4. I think they should work more with the demolition skill... It should be capable of more than just placing mines. It should affect grenades and other explosives more. Even missiles.
  5. Agreed! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yeah, that would be very interesting! (w00t)
  6. What if the game is going to get a new engine, how should it be like? Would it allow us to depend a bit more on skill, or would it continue as it already is? Maybe it should let the user have a little more control over the actions... I'm thinking of creating your own lightsaber styles, using guns - snipers - rocket launcher, in a more FPS way? Lightsaber Combat - I would like something like SW: RotS or Academy style. Ranged Combat - I would like something like SW: Battlefront style. **I think missile launchers for the heavy weapons feat was a good idea**
  7. If so, what games would you like to combine? Imagine building a fleet og Sith troopers and afterwards join them in an attack on any planet, and conquer it. You're the one that command them, and they are the ones to follow. At the same time you walk around roleplaying about being the ruler of the galaxy :D Another stupid idea from me "
  8. Taris. I loved doing all the side quests... But it was far too long. I don't like Kreia and Atton, but really enjoyed playing Canderous and Carth ) Maybe i wouldn't get sick everytime playing through Peragus, if it was a little shorter. It's a waste of time
  9. Yeah!!! It's true! (w00t) They said yes! I really look forward too this :joy: (w00t) I hope they add some of all the good ideas submitted on this forum! -- And i would like the ability too command Republic or Sith troopers. Something like a commanders ability, so i could command a part of the army! Instead of just watching them die :D
  10. I loved playing Kotor, but i got very dissapointed about kotor 2. I felt it like i didn't fully control my character, and that my path was the same whatever i did. And Peragus was the worst planet ever to start on. In the first kotor i felt free and i also felt that i was a part of an inviroment, and i dicided what do to. There was much more things like hunting down people, and about choosing side. It was like that with the Hidden Beks - Black Vulkars, and last but noet least, Dark side - Light side. Atleast that's my opinion. One day, when i was on the internet i read a topic about kotor 3 and ideas about a new game engine and thing like that. First i thought that was an absolutely stupid idea, because i loved the good old engine! :D But when a friend of me bought SW: Battlefront, i changed my mind. I wanted to see an SW RPG with the same style of fighting. I know it sounds strange, but that was what i had in mind. I know that it would be hard to play withas much hitpoints as the enemy, but i thought good armor or force could adjust that. Armor -> less damage. Ranged weapons would then kill alot faster and would be very efficient. the enemy would also be alot harder to kill. And that means a bigger challenge. Ofcourse i couldn't forget Jedi. They are very important too kotor. It's the main thing in the game. How your character evolves from a padawan to a Jedi Knight. They would do alot damage, and would have special skills and attributes. My main comment is more enemies, and enemies that are harder to defeat, especially bosses.
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