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  1. They did say sorry if this has been bought up in a different thread. Be kind to the Nubs we were all nubs once probably, assuming a nub is not a short stumpy thing like a bump or something, though technically an undeveloped fetus could be called a nub or is that knub?
  2. oh wheere are you noow?

  3. What's private? *scratches head* Was there a board update and it went to default?

  4. Grey Jedi go both ways. Grey Jedi believe using the dark side is not inherently evil; what your intentions are during an act is what makes the difference between a good life and a bad one "good" being just and reasonable. Of course evil is ignorance not a higher power; evil/ignorance can be seen in unreasonable behaviour- vengeance is not justice it's self gratification.
  5. Or make your main character a Marauder.
  6. But if Mary Sue/Revan didn't have the "Natural leadership" Carth might have shot her. They did try to give her failings such as clumsiness; when helping the Twi'lek dancer on Taris, I found that embarrassing. Also general social ineptitude; "BUT THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE" when the Genoharadan bounty hunter changes shape... Stupid name Genoharadan it's like Raven Revan. "Are you hitting on me?" and various cornalogs of dork to Juhani, Carth, Bastila.... all of them really, and other characters not in the party. Reasonable responses for such dialog would be a slap in the face or mocking laughter. Re
  7. It's fun torturing Mary Sues like Juhani and Carth.... He's such a cry baby, but I was a little disappointed he didn't react so much when Dustil gets killed, still fun though. And Juhani I'm a freak, an outcast my entire species has been wiped out and then you get the planet that was a complete cesspit destroyed burning all happy memories of my childhood. But you are Revan you saved me from slavery, I am so clingy my claws are like Velcro. It would be better if she did actually spit, hiss and cough fur balls. It's really quite disturbing just how much a Mary Sue Revan is, and then you g
  8. That's a depressing view on love Architect, if no Jedi breed there will be none in the future. I'm tempted to give it the thumbs up.
  9. No for both games I don't let my character fall, reason not stated because I would look look like a psychopath. What with all the reminiscing of blood curdling screams and stuff.
  10. Is there a way around having to be civil? How can you not want to kill him?
  11. Mine go numb before. Then hearing then nose... :)

  12. OK, question; does Vodka make your fingers numb, before or after your nose and mouth? You where thinking of that licorice flavour Viina of the Finns I think...? And Stolichnaya is so much better than Smirnoff and Absolute. Even Finlandia.... wait I forgot the IMO.

  13. The fat ones that take a case of VB to the cricket, or football. Those ones who think sport is a religious experience. Yobs.
  14. Stop perpetuating the stereotype that Australians give a toss about sport. Obligatory jab at Western Australians and their silly AFL.... toss. In can you missed it.
  15. A person's life is worth 500 credits. Not that a bounty is normally that much because it ranges depending on the planet and other factors, but to make a new life costs 500 credits. It may be the cost of a hyper-space flight I don't know, and it isn't important why it's that much.... maybe it relates somehow to what they are worth. The planet of Tattooine is desert, but the Sand People have wicker baskets, how? They didn't buy them, could they grow them if they didn't use the evaporators? So how the hell can they have Banthas, they would eat the same amount as an elephant, wouldn't they? I
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