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  1. Well, actually, I don't think it's going to be a book based on KOTOR because he said it would be based on the Holy Grail quest of Arthurian legend. While this is similar in several ways to searching for the Star Forge I don't think they would have mentioned that if it was the same story.
  2. Starting out with a lightsaber would be, IMHO, a bad idea. In both KOTOR and TSL the combat usually gets far too easy once you have a lightsaber. Having a blaster makes you appreciate the power of a lightsaber more. Personally, in the Jedi Knight games and KOTOR games both I enjoyed fighting with a gun at first.
  3. About Kevin J. Anderson and TOTJ. I liked the stuff about the Great Sith War well enough, but I thought the stuff about the Great Hyperspace War (i.e. Golden Age of the Sith and Fall of the Sith Empire) was really poorly written. I'll admit I haven't read any of Kevin J. Anderson's X-Wing or Jedi Academy series but he doesn't seem like that good of a writer to me. Just my opinion.
  4. Actually the Great Sith War is only 40 years before KOTOR although that still makes it to long ago for Nomi to have been Bastila's mother. Still, as a compromise when I found about Bastila's original backstory I designed it so that Nomi Sunrider was Bastila's master rather than mother.
  5. Theoretically you could release it by first copying TSL for XBox onto a blank disc adapted for use by XBox instead of PC and by downloading the mod files on to it but it would be a helluva lot of work.
  6. Considering the fact that X-Box Next (or whatever they're calling it) is coming out this fall they'll probably use a new engine for KOTOR 3 (which seems to be an inevitability but then again, look at the lack of any work at all on a "Starcraft 2" despite outrcies from fans).
  7. Where? Because I just looked through the database and Revan was not listed as a character, only mentioned in the other character's profiles. " <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Eh, Revan is not mentioned specifically as male or female in the databank but the entry on the Star Forge is clearly biased towards a lightside ending as it gives no clear indication what happens to the Star Forge if Revan and the Republic didn't destroy it... Let me see what the actual entry says: Good point. Noticed that too. How foolish. As a player of male Revan, male Exile, and a male myself
  8. I'm pretty sure that they had clones during the time of Revan considering that we can make clones (though rather primitive compared to Thrawn's clones) and are nowhere near hyperspace travel. And even if he couldn't than we see no evidence of other things he could have done such as the fact that he could have prepared his mind and soul to become a force spirit similar to Naga Sadow or Freedon Nadd. He coudl have even have bound himself to something like Exar Kun did who was revived four thousand years later at Luke's academy.
  9. Actually, everybody here is probably most like Revan and/or the Exile simply because that personality doesn't have a cannon version. So you can play that character anyway you want. Since that's the case you could be most likely them and probably are. Anyhow, aside from those two? Hm... tough choice. I really don't think any of the main characters fit me... Geeky like Bao-Dur? No. Nationalist like Disciple or Carth? No. Old and funny? Not really but maybe when I'm older I could be like Jolee . Tough and muscular like Canderous/Mandalore? No. Not really. Loyal like Zaalbar? No, not really. C
  10. All EU is considered cannon and is taken with great lengths to be that way and to not contradict the known universe of the movies and other cannon. Look at how carefully for example that KOTOR and TSL draw on other EU sources (mostly Tales of the Jedi) and on the movies. Star Trek books and games on the other hand take no effort to maintain continuity and are essentially fan fiction with a license from Paramount.
  11. SOTE was not written by GL. Check your facts. It was written by Steve Perry. Second of all, thermal detonators have different levels. The one used by Lando in SOTE and Leia in ROTJ were class-A thermal detonators. A thermal detonator is not specifically made by any company, it is a class of weapons rather than a particular manufacture. Thermal detonators run on rapidly expanding energy triggered by a small thermonuclear reaction. This is sometimes small and sometimes quite large.
  12. I was busy but sure, I'll contact you. Sorry if my response was a little late.
  13. I will say now I haven't read Tao Te Ching, but I have read some of Lao Tzu and while again, I disagree with extremes, simply taking neutral ground is, not caring which extreme triumphs is apathetic. This stuff about athletes is just distracting, and diverges from the common point. You don't even seem to disagree with me as you are not suggesting true neutrality, merely mostly neutral which is a lot different and either qualifies as good or evil. True neutral would be an instance where either you first do something evil and then do something good of equal importance, or you simply do nothi
  14. Now, I'm perfectly willing to accept peaceful discussions over whether or not KOTOR or TSL is better or how people like or dislike either game. But I've been seeing dozens and I mean dozens of threads popping out about how Obsidian is ****, etc, etc. My point is, this ruins the fun of being in these forums for everyone. It not only rallies all the anti-TSL people and focuses their anger but it also pisses off people who appreciate TSL, Obsidian, and what the latter was able to do with the former in less than a year. These forums are not for venting your anger. They are for calm discussion
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