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  1. Tatooine's not bland, it at least has people that speak fluent gibberish (plus the whole Rakata wasting it to a bunch of dust; that adds a cool factor somewhere, I'm sure). Dagobah has some sort of ominous dark-side history junk that nobody cares about. Unless Hoth served as the base world of some long-dead Dark Side Butt-Kicking Master (Sith or other related affiliations), then it seems pretty boring to me...
  2. In my old history book, it has both, and a few more... But, that's off-topic. How can Goto be evil/good if he's a robot? They really don't have alignment, only programming... and, he's 'cracked' his, which makes him, more or less, insane (like somebody's mind going bonkers under too much pressure, which is sorta what happened to him).
  3. Um... didn't Blank say that? I figured that all that would be involved in being nailed from space, not to mention: "Some areas caved in..."(Blank in the post above you)
  4. Anybody else notice how games/books/movies usually have a triumphant finish, only to have the universe fall apart by the time of the sequel, no matter how victorious they were in the 1st? (The Empire Strikes Back screams out to me at that one...) It made it seem that way, but like every other sequel after a supreme victory, the goodguys were way weaker than they were humble enough to admit, and they let a lot of the Sith disappear, only to have them come back and destroy the Jedi planets at a time.
  5. You couldn't "save him", but you could get him to doubt himself even more, by asking what kind of life he's had as a fruity mummified lump of atoms (not in that terminology, but I know you all were thinking it ).
  6. I never really thought of them as really similar... Bastila only did it via the Star Forge (like Malak), which was supposed to have fueled the Dark Side 'in her'. Sion's whole "deal" was that he could survive insanely severe wounds (some of the stuff on him HAD to have hurt), and was part of his character: so ticked off at everything that he's too stupid to realize that he should have died what looks like a few thousand years ago.
  7. The Star Wars website says how many of the capital ships in the Sith Fleet were actually taken from the Republic, which Carth and several others (Jedi Masters, if you feel like taking them at their word for once ) said. That, and the Ravager also a Republic Ship, which nobody can argue with, simply because Mandalore says so (along with Visas, a few Mandalorians, and the Republic Admiral, either Carth or some bald guy).
  8. Sounds about right to me, but I'm pretty sure that it helps that Malachor was more or less created to "create echoes" (Sith Holocrons to Atris about Its teachings, which, for the purpose of it making a bit more sense, I expand to the whole planet, which is also described as having some sort of hunger). So, maybe all the deaths created huge echoes, which Malachor (and the Exile, in theory, via proxy) magnified and carried around with them. Or something like that.
  9. But, "The Sith capital ships were former Republic vessels taken by their traitorous captains, but the bulk of the invasion force was a seemingly inexhaustible number of these adaptable fighters." (Star Wars website). So the fleet should be somewhat made of hammerheads...
  10. Look at people like Chingis Khan: He did some horrible things to people that didn't surrender to him, but under the 'empire' of his descendents (who continued to pile up skulls as threats to neighboring cities and whatnot), an almost international trade network was formed, and religious tolerance was granted to anybody from Egypt to Beijing (more or less). Does that make him good, PER SE?
  11. I didn't know that the Academy on Dantooine had been broken... I just thought that the door was jammed shut.
  12. Not necessarily, but close enough. A Sith is anybody that is actually a member of the Sith "Order". Dark Jedi can have fleets (Desann, Tavion, and several others), but it takes some sort of Sith Holocron or other teachings of the Sith to make one a Sith, although you can call yourself a Sith (or the Dark Lord of such) for free, until somebody who is actually one of whatever you proclaim yourself to be shows up and kills you, proving that you weren't a Sith in the 1st place.
  13. Actually, the way he malfunctioned and became the droid leader of a bunch of illegal droid stuff is kinda awesome, in my opinion.
  14. Because it was hidden under that snow bluff. It's often the simplest of defenses that confound the complex. The only way the orbital camaras could have gotten a clear shot at it was if they were actually looking for it, or if the got it from the ground, which defeats the whole purpose of orbital camaras, don't you think? Who says that those towers weren't there before? I think that my den looks a whole lot like the Oval Office in Washington, D.C., but that doesn't mean it is, does it?
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