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  1. i bet after kotor 2 the sequal will have more sith killing the jedi again and again and again
  2. Ok assuming revan did the light side ending and distroyed the sith in kotor 1 how does two sith lord suddenly pop up five years later from nowhere and distroys the jedi again? kotor 1 made it seem the jedi would thrive again after the starforge was distroyed and there would be peace for awhile
  3. wow he goes to the outer rim alone just like ravan did im telling you its a new fad for main charaters to go alone in the ending
  4. in he ending when the exile leaves to find revan does he take anyone with him?
  5. oh ds light side ands ds dark side ... i didnt know what that meant at first also so since t3 is with you now does that mean something happened to revan and t3 returned to tell bastila?
  6. so does kotor I supposed to end with raven becoming good at the end or becoming bad at the end? what ending does kotor II start with? o wait hold on they didnt distroy the star forge?! so does that mean the first game ends with the dark side ending?
  7. what the thing i hear with bastila hologram what does she say? and i heard this game sucks compare to the original also is a xbox gamsave editor avialiable? i have action replay and want to use that
  8. Hello im new to the board i have played kotor 1 and it was AWSOME im planning to get kotor 2. Now i have a few questions about kotor II, if it takes place five years after the first and the sith is now killing off the jedis that must mean in the first game revan must off choose to go to the dark side and become the sith lord and is now ordering to kill all the jedis. Or does the game supposed to end with raven becoming good? And if kotor 2 continued the story with revan being evil where is the starforge? And what happened to revan in the sacond game? Do they mention him? and how do you meet hk 47 and why isnt he with his master (revan)? And what happend to bastila , carth, the yoda like charater and the rest of the party? do they tell you or give you hints? please dont flame if these are old questions or if they get asked too often as im a newbie thanks
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