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  1. Well, after searching around for some soultions I just tried warping to Dxun (cheat). And that worked wonderfully, I got to play again, and all was fine. Until after I met with the Jedi on Dantooine (had to warp there too). I got stuck going back to Telos after Keria and Handmaiden-the game would try and autosave there (no matter if I turned it on or off) and it froze about 1/3 of the way through saving. So I moved all my savegames out to another folder except the one right before going to Telos and I alt-TAB'ed out of the game to delete the 261TEL and 262TEL files from the "gameinprogress" directory. At the same time I also moved the WNASPI32.DLL file out of its current directory. And lo and behold, everything worked. Now I'm not sure which of these things actually did the job (however, moving the file alone did not work). At the moment the game is still open on another computer (not turning it off while I've actually got it working finally). So this seems like a good fix. OGOPTIMUS
  2. So, is G0T0 supposed to kill Bao-Durr's Remote? I got that cutscene, and then later in the game, the remote was hovering right beside Bao in the Hawk. Now, my game has been buggy (can't go anywhere via the Galaxy map, and then when using Warp can't get back to secret Academy on Telos, so I'm totally stuck), but I was wondering. OGOPTIMUS
  3. I was asking since my game has crashed as I try to leave one world. So I was looking for this to help fix my problem.
  4. I just wanted to ask, can KSE edit the location where I am in the game? Can I skip planetary changes via the galaxy map and just place myself on the next workd I want to go to? OGOPTIMUS
  5. So, like many others I am having a freezing/booting problem. I've gone through and played through all worlds one time, except Korriban. Now, I have gone back and made sure I can travel anywhere at this point. However, after hitting Korriban, and reentering the hawk, seeing T3's message and G0T0 killing Bao-Dur's Remote (sorry if that's a spoiler to anyone), I try to go to ANY world (not just Dxun where I want to go), and once the cutscenes are over, I get kicked out to the main menu (I don't get to do anything, the last thing I do is click on the TRAVEL button to go back to Dxun). At that point, I can't click on anything before I hit Alt-F4 and click cancel, then I can access the main menu. I've tried reinstalling and going back to Dxun (the last world I visited before Korriban), the going through Korriabn again (and finishing various parts of it, or none at all), but the same thing still happens. This seems independent of the game version I use (1.0 or 1.0b). I have tried varrying the graphics level and turning off the movies as well, but to no avail. I have reinstalled several times and that doesn't seem to work either. Here are the specs that KOTOR2 spits out: Win XP SP1 AMD Athlon XP 1492 Mhz (a little slow) 512 MB RAM HD1: C: (where Windows is) 177GB free HD2: F: (where KOTOR2 is) 144 GB free Video: Radeon 9600 Series 256MB Audio: NVIDIA® nForce Audio Codec Interface (on the Mobo) OpenGL: ATI Tech Inc. 4.4.4063 WinXP Release DirectX: 9.0c Any help would be appreciated. I want to finish this game. OGOPTIMUS
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