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  1. Has anyone read the official book of ROTS? its written by Matt Stover who i actually met in person. There are rumors about him writing a Kotor book. read it yourself: here's the link from TheForce.net: http://www.theforce.net/episode3/story/C3_...venge_91654.asp
  2. ? On the PC it says xx of 65 <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Can someone with the PC version make a list of those 65 movies, please.
  3. the plot triggers after you destroy the Ravager....and since your Revan is a female, the plot should work. I'm just not sure if your dark side it would work. Maybe someone else has a better answer for that.
  4. SW is not all about the Jedi of course. But Kotor is, IMO. Let's have Bounty Hunter 2 then if you want to play a "Fett-Wannabe" or maybe another MMORPG similar to Galaxy where you can choose your class. Let's keep Kotor the hero being a jedi knight. Like I said, Revan and The Exile will need plenty of good jedi to fight with them. And similar characters to Mira and Atton will be in the party.
  5. DO NOT tell Atton at the beginning of the game that Revan went to Korriban to take charge of the Sith academy. Just tell Atton that Revan saved the Jedi and the rest of the Galaxy. Then stay light during the game and you should have the Carth plot. I'm not sure about Bastila though.
  6. I completed the game yesterday!! its so much fun. I think everybody should have it. I give 7.5/10 overall but 10/10 for gameplay.
  7. I think those Chronicles were written while they were creating Kotor 2. Are they official? I dont think so. So many factors based on the player's choice can effect the story. I agree with you with a historian point of view, those chronicles are view for only the perception of the event. Actually anything prior to Kotor 1 is very interesting to read. I would be even more curious to learn more contents about the ancient Lords of the Sith.
  8. Lego Kotor!!! Tshirts of every characters! cool posters Official Soundtrack! Kotor ties Kotor Mugs Kotor baseball caps Kotor pillow case Kotor lunch bag Kotor underwears Handmaiden wig Atton wig Canderous tattoos T3-M4 alarm clock Twilek/English dictionary and so on....
  9. yes another Jedi is needed...think about it, another Jedi that you can create of your own, choose his face, choose what he wears, color of lightsaber, his abilities, his starting force powers, all that from the beginning. It would rock to have your new "hero" with Revan and Exile on your side fighting the True Sith....no??
  10. hey how did you do that? or does Lego revan exist for real?
  11. GL made Jar Jar a very annoying character. In Kotor, I dont know if I find Disciple or Atton more annoying, but I surely dont like Goto.
  12. aimo, im stunned...you work is amazing! I love seeing fan arts
  13. LOL you must be very ugly I am like Visas, mysterious and share unusual insight with people. My eyes are not that good either so soon I will have to wear something to cover them.
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