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  1. Germi91, with all due respect, my responses in my last post was more calm than some postings I've seen in this whole board. Therefore, I do not appreciate the condescending tone in your reply, especially when you choose to disregard the main point of my response. Criticism, if it is genuinely made in the spirit of providing an artist with the means to improve, has to be constructive. Anyone can give them out, be they a corporate CEO or a sheep farmer, but how is the recipient supposed to act on it if nothing about the weakness or mistake is elaborated, or even suggestions of improvement are given? Let me re-iterate it again: When you say "the others aren't as well drawn", what specifically are you referring to? Is it that their heads are too big for the body? Are their facial features assymetrical? Are the body proportions unbalanced? Is the lighting of the art off? Is the color scheme chaotic? And better yet, offer suggestions of improvement. Only then is a critique fulfills a functional purpose. I'm still a developing artist, and by no means am I perfect in my craft. But if I am to take these criticisms seriously, then let they be made in the spirit of improvement, and not just as a display of rhetoric (or worse, a case of "Just because I CAN").
  2. Though I may be a Carth fan, I think my 'retaliation reflex' has been severely damaged by the many instances of obsessive, excessive fangirling I've seen ( To quote Holden McNeil: Fictional characters. F-I-C-T-I-O-N-A-L CHARACTERS!!). I actually LIKE the fact he's being bashed here ^o^ Carth needs to learn to use a bit of glue
  3. Having my own thread has nothing to do with being arrogant in any way, though it's easy for someone to just say that from out of the blue. The way I see it, the reasons why this 'personal thread' exists are: 1) I post a lot of art on each update, which in the past can be a up to 4 pics within a few updates in a week. My older thread reached 50+ pages (containing more than 40-50 artworks I made) on its own before being locked for length by the moderators. Therefore, posting solely in this thread helps to avoid flooding art threads that are shared by various individuals. 2) Most of my scene/comic art depict storyline spoilers, which would make them inappropriate to be posted in the Fan Art thread, which in turn is located in the General section of the forums. God-forbid, I'll then be chastised for posting spoilers! 3) The Mods haven't voiced their objections to this thread in its almost a whole year of existence, so until they say otherwise, I wouldn't mind keeping it as it is. There you go. Dude, Revan and Exile are whoever players want them to be: male or female, black or white, proper or cheeky or thuglike, saint or sinner. That's why we have those adjustable options in the Character Creation Screen, alignment meter, and gender/alignment-specific responses. I've drawn and played both genders of Revan and Exile, but it just so happens I'm more partial to the female versions. Enha Dyone: Thanks for your interest, but I won't be converting EXILE into PDF format for download until Summer 2006. Blank: Thank you! And yeah, drawing is a difficult business! I still look at my older art from 10 years ago and remember how easy it was to give up back then. Petay, Darkside, Gabrielle, Mothman, julianw, Zulu_86, julonia17, MasterRevan,: Thanks Yep, they're temporary; I'll be erasing them after the colors for a certain section is complete. I just leave them in initially so that I won't have to worry about making a conscious effort of staying within the lines. And my bad, it shoulda been Painter IX (skipped a few versions >.<). I was using Photoshop to paint in the past, but I've recently gone back to my first painting love *hugs painter* Germi91: Though I welcome criticisms, I would appreciate it more if you could offer the constructive variety. When you say 'the others aren't as well drawn', can you elaborate on why you think that is so? Like for me, I can see anatomical mistakes in the Ulic/Exile piece, as Exile's torso is a bit long, making her arms look too short even when folded (will fix 'em while I paint, that's the beauty of being in progress). Only with specifics can I reflect on mistakes that my eyes may have missed. Calax: Ouuuch, dude, Eisu's a guy ^_^;; Anyway, not too sure if you people have seen these that I made a while ago... What if, during the meeting before Exile's trip to Malachor V...Carth finally had enough of waiting for Revan? And so was Exile when it came to Atton? And at that same moment, Revan felt a huge disturbance in the Forces, and raced quickly to the arms of her Carthy-Poo, only to discover... Yeep. Okay, that was a long post ^_^ Gotta get back to work! Thanks for viewing.
  4. Auuugh, it's been a while @_0 Anyway, finally manage to get a widdle time off from work to post stuff. Been doing work-related art fulltime that I actually didn't get to do as much KOTOR art as I wanted to other than a few here and there. Been coloring my old Ulic Qel-Droma and Exile for a friend on and off using Painter IX (not XI @_@)....haven't had the chance to continue it since early September. Maybe I'll get back to working on it soon. With the lineart Without the lineart....WHERE'S ULIC?!! Lineart of FemRevan and FemEcile. Was planning to paint it as well, but work stole me away before I could do so... Click for larger image A quick painting of Atton I did just now using Painter IX. I'm looking forward to do more of these Okay gotta sleep. Thanks for viewing.
  5. Huh, still not locked yet. Well, I shall chance another update...while I'm still up at 5 am T_T My unfinished entry for the past 'Fairytales' Dueling Circle Challenge at Kotorfanmedia.com, featuring Exile as Beauty and Atton as the transformed Beast. Male Revan, looking smug and all in the Qel-Droma Robe. Big Sister Revan has an important message for younglings everywhere! Male and Female Revan, drawn with photos of actors Daniel Wu and Evangeline Lilly as respective references. Whatever it is, they didn't resemble a bit like the references, but I suppose that's a good thing? Enjoy, and thanks for viewing~
  6. Huh, it's still not locked for length yet. Maybe I'll just add ANOTHER sketch ^0^ "Revan thinks Carth needs to work a bit for her forgiveness after being such a pain on the backside ^_^ " Only FemRevan players will get this classic scene in K1 ^0^ Well, currently I'm freelancing full time for a local comics magazine. I'm in the middle of working on an episodic story; You can see sample pages in the links below: Hey, here's a page! OMG, another page!
  7. This'll probably be the last update before the mods lock this thread for length, so here goes... New pics!Excuse the dodgy resolution, but I took these with my brother's digicam since I'm currently at my hometown with no scanner access at the moment T_T Will replace with proper pics when I go back home. Exile trying to break up the fight between Atton and Disciple. Di's hair looks a bit like LHME's mullet....must remind myself to think of the pseudo-page boy hair next time T_T A scene from the Ravager Confrontation, partly sketched in the car during my journey, and finished when I reached my house. I'll probably ink it (or paint it even?) when I have the time. Just felt like drawing Visas for once. Colored with markers. Enjoy! Work resumes tomorrow buhuhu T_T
  8. Just to clarify one thing: I draw comics.
  9. Gah, quick post! Something you fellas and dames would find interesting: KNIGHTS is now available in PDF format! Okay, I'm out!
  10. Quick post! Just finished my entry for this week's Duelling Circle Challenge at Kotorfanmedia.com. I was rummaging through some old sketches when I chanced upon these unfinished comic pages. Seeing that it's related to this week's "Full Monty" theme, voila! Got it done :3 Click on the thumbnails to see the pages, and enjoy! Page 1 Page 2
  11. Thanks! About your question, I use this type of brush pen manufactured by Tombow. Tombow brush pen It's widely available in my neighbourhood, but I'm not sure about the US. You can maybe check the nearest Japanese bookstore for it perhaps?
  12. Patience, Padawan...please wait for a little bit longer... **** Oooh, my aching legsss. I went brisk walking for 5 rounds later yesterday afternoon, and though I am super exhausted I haven't gotten any rest yet...I kinda realized that I have so much stuff that I need to complete in these next few weeks, so I'm in a sort-of 'panic' mode atm. I wish I had more hours in a day, mamma mia! So, pic plug ahoys. Click for larger image Disciple looks so puppy-doggish @_0 And...I wonder if I've posted these thumbnails before? Female Revan Atris Atton and Exile LS Atton DS Atton HEE. Hopefully these will be enough to last till the next update T_T Anyways, thanks for your comments on the Revan-Duron-Shaela artwork! Mothman: About Revan in her Star Forge robes,; Yes, I've drawn her in it before, but instead of fighting Malak, she was fighting DS Bastila. I'm not sure where it is atm though...if I find it, I'll post it up. Nartwark: About the texture; I did the primary colouring in Painter IX, so I could play with the many paper textures that were appliable. It works nicely when I went for the watercolor-esque technique. Calax: Actually, I do commissions, so I guess that includes selling sketches. But currently I'm fully booked up to my neck, and having to work as a comic artist for a living makes it even more challenging @_@ Petay12: I've been drawing for 15 years if you count from the day I set my mind to draw as a lifelong passion, and 21 if it's since my wall-scribbling toddler days Kaerie: Thanks! As for my Revan and Exile, I actually prefer not to use the names I give them in my comics/etc, but if you're curious...it's: *Revan = Shujinko Bhaal (Shujinko means 'main character' in Japanese, and Bhaal is...a tribute to Baldur's Gate II :D) *Exile = Aisha Delita (Aisha is Arabic for 'Life', being the opposite of Nihilus' destructive characteristic, and Delita because I played too much Final Fantasy Tactics years ago.) Aaah, the wonderful world of name punnage :3
  13. Gaaah, it's 5 am, I haven't slept for 20 hours and my shoulder's aching. So this will be very, very de brief T_T Had an urging this afternoon to draw Revan in the Qel-Droma robes (and using the Solari crystal in her right lightsaber), with the tragic Shaela-Nur and Duron Qel-Droma in the background, but I only managed to do it around 3 am just now after I finished all my work T_T I call this piece "Never in Vain", referring to the relics/legacies the tragic couple left behind for Revan long after their deaths many years ago. (Shaela-Nur and Duron Qel-Droma designs are based on the ones that appeared in the KOTOR comic in Star Wars Tales #23) Also, for those who're wondering about my language proficiency, I'm very fluent in English because I was raised in an English-speaking household. I consider it my first language, while my native language is second. I'm exposed to ample helpings of Pop Culture from both sides of the Atlantic, so I understand both American and British colloquialisms. Arrr, gotta GOTTA sleep. And thanks for popping in this thread.
  14. Firstly, thanks for viewing this thread, and for the kind words on the last update. It's a bit late, so can't write much since I'm nodding off. Just wanna post a three-page preview (out of 10) of one o' my emo-er SW comics...as for the rest, uh...wait for that button in my sig in July for answers! ^0^ Methinks I will change the title font on the first page...on second glance, it's more whimsical than angsty @_0 Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Enjoy! ^_^
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