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  1. If master Vosh had a lightsaber, why didn't she just use it to break out of that steel cage? "
  2. I myself regret buying it. The rushed ending with too many plots left unaccounted for ruins it all, at least for me. My recommendation is to save your money and play KotOR I again instead.
  3. Kindly accepting any crap LA dish out at you doesn't achieve anything either.
  4. I'm not familar with the RPG scene in general, so I wouldn't know. I knew neither Bioware nor Obsidian before the KotOR games, so you are asking the wrong person. But my question to you: would you pay for another game as unfinished as KotOR II? I'd rather not do it, personally.
  5. You might just have dissapointed all your fanboys who wanted to carry your children.
  6. I sincerely hope that Obsidian won't do KotOR III - not the way LA clearly have them by their balls, I would rather not have another unfinished game...
  7. Now that Obsidian have stated that LucasArts rejected their plea for a content patch, it would be nice of they instead filled the TSL Restoration modders in on what their intetions was with stuff like this...
  8. She's not sacrificing herself, she just accidently turned her lightsaber upside down. The lesson to be learned is: Don't drink before a sword fight.
  9. Is that the uncle who brought you the loads of weed you have obviously been smoking?
  10. One thing is critisizing KotOR II, but don't you dare to talk ill about Fallout... :angry:
  11. Then it's their fault for favoring a retailer that will force them to keep a defective product. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Look, mister arrogant: the laws and customs are different from country to country. In my country, it is not normal for shops to take back software that has been opened.
  12. Return it. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Not everyone have that option.
  13. Wow... It's finaly good to know... Such dissapointment though.... I won't be buying anything Published by LA anymore. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> A major dissapointment indeed. But kudos for Obsidian for trying.
  14. Not really. But I get tired of your posts in general. It's always about accusing people of being trolls, it's always about being a rude a-hole. How about you let the moderators decide who is a troll and who is not? If you don't like what people write, then ignore it and stay out of the threads.
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