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  1. OH SHUT UP ALREADY!!! and if your so smart tell me what alt is u idiot!
  2. mesa tink yousa need to stop cheatin' <{POST_SNAPBACK}> mesa thinks you should shut up! :angry:
  3. ok guys. look ive been playing pearl harbor zero hour and ive been reading about this cheat that says you can use a battleship by pressing the enter key and then typing in bigboy. ive tried this about 13 times and still nothing has happened.is this cheat a hoax or am i just doing something wrong? any answers or explanations would be GREATLEY APPRECIATED!!!
  4. FYI:To be specific the japs lost 39 planes.next off the war ended 4 years later after brutal fighting.finally it is a great game and im pretty good at it.
  5. well guess what! i FINALLY shot down 80 of those freakin planes no thanks to yall.
  6. hey guys! im having trouble on medal of honor rising sun on mission2 pearl harbor.im trying to shoot down 75 planes if anyone could give me a tip or any helpfull info id greatly appreciate it.
  7. ok.i need some help on the betrayl mission.I CANT GET THE TIME AWARD! :angry:! If anyone can REALLY help in any form or fashion i would GREATLY appreciate it.
  8. ok guys.im having trouble on zelda ocariana of time.im at the gerudos fortress.and ive got to tell u im in trouble.ive found all but one prisoner and i cant find him no matter where i look! also on top of the roof navi always turns green at a certain spot.ive explored it but i havent discovered anything usefull. will somone PLEASE help.
  9. listen! if u cant give me help just say so and PLEASE QUIT SPAMMING!I am not getting rid of this game.And i am not giving up ethier.For those of u who have helped me thank u.
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