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  1. lol 9 months of hell in boot camp and in the USMC. I'm happy to be out. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> 9 months huh, that is all you spent in the Marine Corps, what, ya couldn't hack it? Boot Camp wasn't that difficult, I had a blast, good ole Parris Island. I spent plenty of time on ship and in the desert. When to interesting countries and had sex with their more attractive women(before I met and married my wife). But 9 months, heh. You barely had enought time to get threw your school and get into the fleet. Depending on which MOS you picked. I spent 5 years in the Mari
  2. Ok, some of you mention Sidious, well lemme shoot that down right here right now. Yes Sidious was smart, but that ha sno bearing whatsoever on his powers of the foce. Sidious had the Kyber Crystal, yes it is a FACT, that Darth Sidious was able to be much mor epowerful than he was with the Kyber Crystal, the Kyber Crystal is a focusing crystal for the force, Sidious was a so-so user of the force, and th eonyl reason he had any real power was becaus eof that crystal. Revan had some power, but nothign that woudlmake him th emos tpowerfull force user, he was a fighter, Military Tactrics where
  3. I hope ya don't mind, if ya do, I will remov eit. But i linked it to the SWG forums, caus eI know alot of peopep there play KOTOR and such, and I just had to share it with my Galaxy friends.
  4. Personally, I like him better as Darkside male, caus ehe gets the girl and RULES the galaxy. Is it just me, or is Bastila pretty hot for a buncha pixels.
  5. Am I going to have to sday this again, of cours eI am, caus esoem of you have thick skulls In the Dark Horse comic books, "Knights of the Old Republic" Revan is a Lightside male. The only reason youc an choose a gende rin this game is because it is a ROLEPLAYING game, and as such, shoudl suit all manner of players, being male/female, white/black/asian, evil/good etc etc etc. This is not me flaming you or trolling, you must have fun as well, and that is cool. But TECHNICALLY Revan is a LIGHTSIDE MALE.
  6. That's how it should be! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I liek you already , lmao!!!!!
  7. OMG......................That was just.......................................disturbingly HILARIOUS. ROTFLMAO!!!
  8. I poisoned them, and broke their necks, it was rather fun.
  9. Well, I waite duntil now, and it never got pass 5 bars , ye sI run IE, and nope, I neve rhave had thsi problem before, I run a Pent 4 with high speed cable internet connected to my comp by ethernet. This is just odd.
  10. Still not loading, this is so very annoying.
  11. "Disciple... in his True Form" LMAO, now that is hilarious.
  12. Gives it anbother try, how long does this damn thing take to load anyways.
  13. Waits patiently for whatever it is to load............. ............Is still waiting Is now getting annoyed.................. Says F it, and shuts the screen down.
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