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  1. Arming the American people to overthrow the evil bigot and racist in the WH! All similarities with Syria are purely coincidental
  2. Just crossed my mind to wonder what would the situation in the United States look like if someone armed these protesters with TOW, MANPAD and assault rifles. Don't know why it popped my mind thou....must be just my imagination.
  3. Kobanî, the city that resisted ISIS for months and paved the way for its defeat is now being shelled by Turkish army. LINK How goes that Turkish propaganda slogan when they roll into Syria to fight 'terrorists': Go tell the infidels, the army of the Prophet Muhammed has returned. Turkish state has directly and indirectly helped ISIS for years when they hoped they will be the proxy to overthrow Assad. Not to mention the oil from the black market they got from their ISIS partners. I think Tulsi Gabbard summed it up pretty much close on the pending situation:
  4. Yeah, and the statements made by western media and governments/intelligence is truth by default. Never ever have they mislead, lied or deceived anyone. Any contradiction towards that end equals to tinfoil rhetoric. But you're right about one thing, and that's denialism. Just not in any sense you're trying to prove.
  5. It started as a scheme for yet another regime change, this time in Syria which proved to be more complicated than anticipated. Once Assad is gone they will isolate and completely clean out Lebanon from Hezzbolah. Then it will come down to Iran and they will be attacked. Then the new puppet regime in Damascus will probably fail and we'll have a new conflict. And around around they go playing Risk with countries, peoples lives and faiths.
  6. Al-Nusra. Frikin jihadi Sharia law head decapitating scum of the earth qualify as truth holders and credible witnesses. I guess Taliban did as well while fighting the Soviets back in the 80s so why can't Al-Nusra today. Also, as I already mentioned, the US threatened to undergo further attacks on Assad's military if any more chemical attacks happen. This is an open invitation for all those radical Islamist groups in Syria that have access to some sort of chemical weapons to go out there and use it on civilian targets as it will automatically result in inflicting damage to their opponent.
  7. Rebel groups in Syria launched chemical attacks on countless occasions according to Assad's regime. Assad is saying that - logic is it must be lies. Al-Nusra/other rebel groups say Assad is using chemical weapons - logic is it must be true. The only logic here is we are going to trust those claims that suit our interests. ISIS admitted using chemical weapons for 52 times in Syria and Iraq. I'm just wondering how there wasn't any hype about them using chemical weapons to kill civilians among other. I guess that's a normal thing.
  8. US government lost its face in front of the entire world already 14 years ago. Faces of Mattis, Tillerson or any other government official don't carry any wight. Maybe only in the eyes of the US public. This attack last night was in plan far before. US government doesn't have the means to properly undergo investigation who used chemical weapons in such a short time. Trump just showed his muscles and launched an attack on another country on his own.
  9. It's about psychology. Making the rebels afraid. "I can kill all of you brutally at the push of a button" Assad is going to use chemical weapons giving him no tactical advantage over his enemies whatsoever while giving other nations reason to move against him. Makes sense. Al-Nusra that holds that city says Assad used chemical weapons. They're a very trustworthy folks. An American bi-product like countless other groups in Syria.
  10. Yeah, what the US government says must be true without a doubt.
  11. That is what the Russians are claiming: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yfsZyV9eVcs From the pictures seen so far no way 49 cruise missiles hit that place. EDIT - supposedly large scale offensive by ISIS and Al-Nusra was launched right after these strikes.
  12. The city they attacked was under rebel control Chemical weapons in Syria are in a way all over the place. There were a number of warehouses that were ransacked. Syrian government and some opposition forces have them. What proof do we have that actually the Syrian government was behind this attack other than it happened in a city under rebel control? With this attack by the US any rebel forces can use simple logic: use chemical weapons on civilians > media will automatically blame Assad > the US will attack our enemy Assad.
  13. Funny how a lot of civilians getting out of Aleppo are saying that was in fact the rebels who were denying them exit out of the city, denying them food and supplies, and basically using them as leverage.
  14. So here's the man who killed the Russian pilot while parachuting, turns out to be a Turkish citizen, shocked really. http://southfront.org/turkmen-commander-who-admitted-killing-2-russian-pilots-is-turkey-citizen/ http://anfenglish.com/news/turkmen-commander-turns-out-to-be-turkish-nationalist That area in which Turkmen rebels operate is the very region where pretty much all the foreign fighters from Europe come to fight for ISIS. I really hope from all of this that Russia would arm the Kurds to the teeth to fight of the Islamist scum.
  15. NATO and the West having double standards? I'm shocked. Anyways, testimony of the rescued pilot: https://www.rt.com/news/323431-saved-pilot-turkish-su24/ Goes without saying that the pilot is lying, like all evil Russians do. It is known.
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