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  1. I like Darth Traya better. Why? You can permantly shut her up without losing infulence points.
  2. The things that come out of Disciple. Especially the 'romnace subplot' scene. [i used the savegame editor and made Disciple look like Atton and I turned off the sound.... it was beautiful...] And anything from Kreia. You cannot please that bitch. OH! And that stuff whiny-DS Bastila says. Shut up plz.
  3. I was evasdropping on two people talking about one of their own commitment issues so I turn around and shouted, "Pulling an Atton, are we?" I said that so loud, that everyone walking by looked at them as they stared at me funny. Not evil. Just really stupid.
  4. Kid A - Radiohead I love that band. [many hearts go here]
  5. I sleep. I read. I do web design. I watch Sci-Fi movies. I bike. I take pictures. I talk in Spanglish. I go to school. I write. I eat, sleep, and breathe.
  6. Puedo Escribir - Sixpence None the Richer. I <3 these people.
  7. I was happy she died and cackled like a maniac, psychotic evil tyrant when she fell into the Trayus Core/
  8. The iPod Nano... My friend started drooling when he told me about it. I mean, seriously. He's got a regular iPod, which is like the outdated GameBoy now.
  9. I did that... ...and laughed like I hadn't in years. Seriously.
  10. I love that anti-drug Revan picture. I'd pay more attention to that than actual first hand accounts of how drugs can really frack up your life.
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