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  1. Just got home from a 40 mile bike ride on my fixed gear. I took a week off of work to just chill and take some time to enjoy the weather and enjoy who I am and my hobbies. Now I'm frying up some Juicy Lucy burgers.
  2. Bought some records: Atari Teenage Riot - 60 Second Wipe Out, Boy Sets Fire - After the Eulogy, Darkest Hour - The Human Romance, DeadMau5 - 4x4=12, Deftones - Around the Fur, Mogwai - Hardcore Will Never Die But You Will
  3. BicycleOfDeath


    I'm kind of bummed about Montreal. I'm also bummed that SJS and DET are playing against each other. Pavelski is from my hometown but the Redwings hold sentimental value due to my Dad's side being from Michigan. I'd like to see Vancouver take home the cup, honestly.
  4. Insomnia induced hallucinations while driving makes it difficult. Especially when there are very faint glowing snakes that race through your vision. Driving in the north woods it's especially scary because I keep thinking I'm seeing the reflections of deer retinas.
  5. This is a conversation I just had with my ex-wife (while she was assisting in improving my online dating profile. Yes, we have an awesome relationship like that): (12:11:31 PM) SooperSexyNinja: At least you can look forward to some Jess this weekend. That should help your attitude. (12:12:02 PM) angrykiddjoe: If she doesn't bail on me like 90% of the time when we plan to hang out. (12:12:06 PM) SooperSexyNinja: OMG... there are a lot of fat, desperate girls on this site. This is awesome. (12:12:41 PM) SooperSexyNinja: Ooooh... the mexican plays hard to get because she's pretty. She'll only be able to get away with that for so long. (12:13:33 PM) angrykiddjoe: I should just kidnap her if she does it again. (12:14:11 PM) SooperSexyNinja: Maybe she'd like that. She looks like the type. (12:14:45 PM) angrykiddjoe: She screams "My race is used to riding in trunks and windowless vans!" ? (12:15:52 PM) SooperSexyNinja: Bwaaahahahaha!
  6. So, we didn't get any snow. We were enjoy 60mph wind gusts. Though, my hometown wasn't supposed to get hit by the blizzard, but they got 2 inches of freezing rain. It turned to 1"+ of ice. It was them nicely blanketed by wet snow that stacked over 5". My ex and my brother [separately] both called me to get them unstuck or if they could crash at my place. I'm glad they pay attention to what I tell them regarding my work schedule. I told my ex "Sure, I'll be there in a couple of minutes." and I proceeded to ignore her calls afterwards.
  7. I'm awaiting the Blizzard that's supposed to hit when I'm on duty keeping the Railroad's switches free of ice and snow. Tonight is going to be an interesting night.
  8. How literally am I supposed to take this? It's called 'This Ain't Glee!'. It was made by Hustler.
  9. I still don't see the hatred towards Fallout 3. Considering the way the game industry is today and the way games are designed; it surpasses a lot of the crap that's out there. Instead of spending time picking it apart, I took the time to attempt to enjoy a new-age addition to the Fallout canon. And that I did, as well as Fallout: Nuka-Break.
  10. Ripping what's left over in my CD & Vinyl library to MP3. Deactivated my Facebook account. Currently doing two months worth of laundry. Installing Lubuntu on my spare laptop. It's gloomy out. I'm not in the best of moods but it's motivating me to get stuff done. Afterwards I'll probably play CoD:MW2 till I pass out. Though, ripping vinyl to MP3 takes quite a while.
  11. Working for the railroad, Unstoppable made me chuckle on a few points. Though, they were spot on how the 'corporate' aspect of it works.
  12. This is one of the few places that I feel I actually have a connection with people. Granted we may disagree, I feel like there's an unmentioned respect for one another. There's also a nice blend of intellect, seriousness, humor, and fore... horse play.
  13. I'm currently finishing up on The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I'm going to watch the next two tonight as well. They have me intrigued.
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