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  1. This is the greatest song that has the lyric "Her placenta falls to the floor" in it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xsJ4O-nSveg
  2. Well, that's obvious why else would you put up with an annoying immature immortal for?
  3. I doubt Sun Wukong will have romance options.
  4. Never be said I missed a chance to post this gem
  5. Ahh, I imagine a glorious future where kids will feel the pain of online gaming DSL gaming every time their quantum computer connection goes down because their sister made a tweet.
  6. I'm not an expert on the stuff but I still feel like I should point out that processing small portions at a time is faster than processing a whole world. That's where smart design comes into play and you have a string of beautifully rendered small areas connected to each other. Specs matter only insofar as good design needs them to do, all else is just marketing.
  7. I can't believe this thread is still going....one day an AI will look back at the Obsidian Forums and declare us the nuttiest bunch that ever posted on the internet. And don't come at me telling me about 4chan we have higher standards here.
  8. As I'm not an expert in law I would have to defer to you in this matter, and whilst I do find your examples of Wild West gun legislation interesting(that should be a topic by itself) the loose interpretation of gun ownership of recently integrated Western states should not be the a good example of gun legislation, nor should it be any State interpretation of the constitution. That's why we have the Supreme Court. But really, we are just arguing the meaning of "Draconian". To gun folks any legislation is too much, to anti gun folk anyone owning guns is too much. My happy middle is you can ow
  9. I agree with you and I think most second amendment advocates would, the focus on "assault" rifles often comes from politicians that have never shot a gun, and have never bothered their bodyguards what they think about guns. It is highly hypocritical to advocate for disarmament when being surrounded by armed security. I didn't take it as such, I just wondered about the figures and whether or not the gun ban actually correlated to a reduction in gun crime. I can only guess at what other factors could explain the reduction of gun crime, particularly since the same type of gun ban d
  10. Honestly, this isn't a challenge but I would love to see some figures to back this up. I'm only going off from what the statistics have been since I've been interested in the topic (2009-2020) but most crimes are committed with handguns not rifles. So I have to ask how frequently were assault rifles used in crimes during the 90's and how big was the drop after signing the Assault weapons ban. Was it effective or was it another dud like the National Firearms Act?
  11. I would love to see some numbers, but just off the top of my head some of the poorest rural districts have low gun crime. If we are talking correlation, then there needs to be both motive and opportunity when it comes to crime. Regardless of which, my original point is that overbearing gun regulation doesn't solve gun crimes.
  12. Here you go https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gun_violence_in_the_United_States_by_state Edit: I guess we should argue the difference between rate and number of deaths
  13. Sir, those are obviously per capita comparisons of firearm deaths, not gun crimes. But feel free to believe that Alaska is a den of organized crime and not a frozen wasteland where people are suiciding.
  14. Except that even in border towns the assignment would go to the cops because its a 911 call. Police self train more than people think, but that's a great argument for more funding of police. What's the root of the issue, guns? The highest rate of gun crime is in the states with the strictest laws, and before you go off on illegal smuggling across state lines you should research the ghost guns coming in from the Philippines. Plus the majority of crimes are committed with handguns, not the "assault" rifles everyone wants to ban.
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