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  1. I like Darth Traya better. Why? You can permantly shut her up without losing infulence points.
  2. The things that come out of Disciple. Especially the 'romnace subplot' scene. [i used the savegame editor and made Disciple look like Atton and I turned off the sound.... it was beautiful...] And anything from Kreia. You cannot please that bitch. OH! And that stuff whiny-DS Bastila says. Shut up plz.
  3. I was evasdropping on two people talking about one of their own commitment issues so I turn around and shouted, "Pulling an Atton, are we?" I said that so loud, that everyone walking by looked at them as they stared at me funny. Not evil. Just really stupid.
  4. Kid A - Radiohead I love that band. [many hearts go here]
  5. I sleep. I read. I do web design. I watch Sci-Fi movies. I bike. I take pictures. I talk in Spanglish. I go to school. I write. I eat, sleep, and breathe.
  6. Puedo Escribir - Sixpence None the Richer. I <3 these people.
  7. I was happy she died and cackled like a maniac, psychotic evil tyrant when she fell into the Trayus Core/
  8. The iPod Nano... My friend started drooling when he told me about it. I mean, seriously. He's got a regular iPod, which is like the outdated GameBoy now.
  9. I did that... ...and laughed like I hadn't in years. Seriously.
  10. I love that anti-drug Revan picture. I'd pay more attention to that than actual first hand accounts of how drugs can really frack up your life.
  11. Uh, let's see... I'm friends with this kid in my neighborhood and my parents don't know. It's not like he's bad, I'm just afraid they'll think I like him. >_> Oh, and I write Jaq everywhere to symbolize that I'm an Atton fangirl.
  12. Atton: Hey, Exile, now that we're done with Malachor V, how about we hit Earth? I hear they've got some pretty interesting places... Exile: Lyke oh mah Gawd letz cuz itz lyke Adam Brody iz thurr!!!111!!!11!!!! Disciple: Oh! Orlando Bloom, too! [Exile erupts in a fangirlsih squeal]. Atton: ...?
  13. Carth's face is priceless. I enjoyed the torment of that conversation. >_>
  14. Atton: You folded that card on purpose! Disciple: I did not! It just slipped and then I accidently stepped on it! Atton: Accidently you say.... Yeah. I'm terrible at dialogues.
  15. I love both of them. But you colored the Visas picture with markers? I'm thinking of those washable Crayola markers... But oh well. Good work and all that.
  16. Handmaiden: Oh Exile.... Exile: [thinking] Why can't she just leave me alone? Handmaiden: Does this mod for new sparring underwear make me look fat? Exile: Of course not. Handmaiden: You didn't look. Exile: Yes I did. You look fine. Handmaiden: No you don't mean that! You're lying! Exile: Damn it, Handmaiden just go back to the cargo hold and I'll spar with you later. Handmaiden: But I want to spar now! [thinks for a second] Oh I get it. It's that Visas, isn't it? Exile: Oh for Force's sake, Handmaiden, she's in the medbay! Handmaiden: But I detect a romance subplot! Exile: What?! They're pairing me off with her?! Handmaiden: No. Exile: Oh, yes! It's with Mira! Handmaiden: NO!! Exile: Kreia? Handmaiden: [groan] No. It's with me, stupid. Exile: You?! Why you!? Handmaiden: Because... Exile: Don't answer that. [walks offset to the writers] Hey, how 'bout you guys pair me off with someone other than Visas or Handmaiden...say Mi
  17. Bastila: You've made a deadly mistake, Revan! Revan: No, come on Bastila...You weren't like this. Bastila: You are a fool, and you will soon be a dead fool. [draws lightsaber to find it to be a plasitc lightsaber] Aaah! The damn fanboys stole my lightsaber again!
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