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  1. Well, I didn't know that my post will have such how shall I put this...impact on other players... I'll correct my self. When I said a single day of playing I ment 22 hours. About Morrowind... I was only tried to make a suggestion about gameplay. Why allways in kotor1 & 2 from the begining of the game we must save republic? Example: PC begins like in kotor1(soldier class, scout etc). becomes a bounty hunter or criminal or assasin. why not join some kind of guild or something... In my opinion player should have more inpact on character.Why can't pc become a sith from the begining rather than jedi. In kotor1 i liked space combat with sith(Turret control etc.) also minigames are great. Personally I love when I control character in combat so I made suggestion about Jedi academy, And I still think that they should put that option. If somebody likes d20 sistem fine by me. I know that this game can't be like morrowind running around the map.... but maybe player should have more freedom of action, of choice... By the way I finished the game after 22h and 16 minutes of gameplay...
  2. I never said that game is bad... The game is great, BUT.... 1st: They should add option to control the fight like in jedi academy. 2nd: Why main character can't have hood on? 3rd: More planets to explore, that character can progress much in exp. 4th:Why allways from the beggining of the game we must save the republic 5th: More space fight 6th: If possible, OBSIDIAN should try to create a game with storyline like Morrowind. Imagine Morrowind Starwars. Do what u want, nonlinear, possibility to explore the space. 7th: Why not controling the space ship like in Freelancer or Xwing vs.Tie fighter. This is not a critic. But only a questions to make the game better. That's all.
  3. Although, the game is great, it's too short. Less planets than the first part. I have finished the game in single day. By the way, in Iziz spaceport there are 2 bugs. One with TSF bounty, another in cantina at swoop racing. You should put more planets and more quests. It would be great if youc could to create Morrowind like StarWars. And one more thing. Next time, when you are creating SW game, put an option to manual control of combat ( LIKE JEDI ACADEMY). So the players can choose rpg style or 1st(3rd) person fight(like jedi academy). Keep up a good work.
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