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  1. So, I made a post in response to some imbecilic remark to a dude named AnakinsRevenge (how cute). But that's not the wierd part, get this. Instead of replying to my post in an intellectual manner, he sends me this private message: "i really truely loathe you, and if u must know, im not a nerd like you, i just happen to like star wars for some reason, and ill let you know that ive gotten laid, buddy. somethin youve only dreamed about with ur vacuum cleaner. and whats so wrong with the name i chose? keep in mind you only have 10 posts buddy. and if u ever come to missouri let me know so
  2. Obsidian can only be judged by the games they themselves have made. Feargus Urquhart and many of the people on his team are responsible for some fantastic games, several of them my personal favorites. But they are playing against a stacked deck right now. KOTOR2's situation has been well documented as far as the quick turn time is concerned, but they are lcoked into a position right now where their future seems murky at best. They are creating NWN2, which honestly, I doubt it will live up to its promise no matter how much I wish it would. NWN was disappointing for me, but I do hope tha
  3. I'm sure it's pretty riidiculous, but can it get over 45? I mean, with mods from equipment. The highest I got mine to was 37. Actually, what stats do you usually end up at? I usually try to get my intelligence around 18 for skills, dex about 17 and all the others as high as I can with the points left over.
  4. Yeah, maybe it wan't Vrook, but I originally meant to refer to the Jedi on Nar blahblah :D . It is an uncanny similarity.
  5. A ship that had several smaller craft docked inside would be very cool. Something with a small hanger inside that had a swoop bike and a Baskilisk (I REALLY want to pilot one of those things in the next game.) But the size of the Ebon Hawk is just about perfect, maybe a new ship could be slightly bigger to accomadate these ships, but not much. I hope in KOTOR3 they enhance the ship missions. I know it would be like building an engine into an engine, but flying spaceships is a HUGE part of what Star Wars is all about. It seems most of the best Jedi from the movies proved themselves again an
  6. Maybe it's me, but I think the person who did the voice acting for the Jedi Vrook is the same person who did the narration in Baldur's Gate & Baldur's Gate 2's chapter breaks. Cool voice, I hope both Obsidian and Bioware continue to throw in little things like that for long time fans. Maybe we'll see The Nameless One in a game down the road...
  7. I sent you a nice little private message to deal with your other moronic comments in your previos posts, but I will answer this one directly. 1.) if you think egotistical is a big word worthy of praise, you're vocabulary is limited indeed. And if by mocking my 6 posts you mean to draw attention to your momentous 600+ posts ( ), I must wonder, how many of thes 1337 posts you have made are of the "I-Pod" and "****" variety? For you, posting on a web forum is an oppurtunity for you to ruffle your feathers of stupidity like some kind of badge of honor, and I can honestly say I am hardly impre
  8. Good point about the movies, but I like when NPC characters are sent off on support missions offscreen... I don't want to get into a debate as to the merits of Halo 2, I merely used it as a well known example, but it would have been easy to tell the Covenant side of the story from the MC's perspective along with Cortana's dialogue .
  9. Thanks for the idiotic reply. If you think you have some evolved sense of perception based on your comprehension of this simple game, you have low standards for intelligence indeed. Trust me pal, I had no trouble whatsoever understanding the story as it was presented, and if you yourself had even a middle school reading comprehension level, you would see that my original post says nothing about the NPCs being unnecessary. But then, why would I ever think a troll who drops 1 line replies in the form of fragments insulting another's intelligence has any merit whatsoever? Thanks for the legit
  10. ****Small spoiler * * * * Why? I just don't get it. When I bought this game, it was under the assumption that I would be able to build a character, and "role-play" this character to the end of the game. But nooooooooo, not in KOTOR2. No, in this game, you spend hours at a time unable to access your character, using other premade characters to "earn" the right to play as the character you created again. Thats not even half of it. You HAVE to play for a good hour or so as a character, (Mira), who was bent on taking a bounty out on your head. Stupid. It's just stupid. Listen
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