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    Video games of all sorts and platforms, except sports games (like football or baseball) and kid games. <br /><br />I'm also an avid movie goer and amateur cinematographer. Recently married with a baby on the way. <br />Woohoo! <br />
  1. I loved it. Every second of it. Anyone else realized that Hera dies shortly after arriving to Earth?
  2. Actually she fell during a lesson on a "Very Beginner" slope. It was probably a concussion that was left untreated for too long. They just said on the news here (in Montreal we are closer and the media is on this big time) that the first ambulance dispatched was called back because "it wasn't necessary". A second was sent later, when there seemed to be more urgency. This is the kind of mishap (frequent, by the way) that makes me hate the healthcare system here. Sure a lot of it is free but man does it suck! My condolences to the families and friends. I didn't know her work very
  3. On that note, I seem to remember that we all originate from approx. 9 females. Since there are only 9 variants of mitochondrial DNA?.. wow this is totally random isn't it? Looking very much forward to the next episode. The next is the last.
  4. They will mate with Cylons and make a new breed, after discovering the true "Earth" from coordinates hidden in the song Hera gave to Starbuck. The Final Five will jump the Galactica to the Cylon colony for a suicide mission after Boomer brings back Hera and the coordinates to the Cylon station. #7 (Daniel) was Starbuck's father? Maybe, I don't know. I'm more concerned now about why I'm still going to pay for cable in a couple of days...
  5. Death Race - 7/10 For the gore, the nice cars and Natalie Martinez. Punisher Warzone - 4/10 Just an empty shell of a movie; useless production and a waste of talents. Very gory though.
  6. At least she left him the house...
  7. Again, RAZOR introduced a third faction made up of a "supreme" hybrid and older model centurions.
  8. I guess the human cylons on Earth hadn't yet reached the point where they forgot their origins. If Ellen is one of The Five, then what is Starbuck? And why was Callum Keith Rennie seemingly so afraid of her. Anders mentioned "2000 years ago", how long ago was it that the tribes left Kobol? My theory is that the machine cylons that wiped out the human cylons on earth eventually advanced to human form themselves and settled on Kobol. I thought it was nice to see Dee and Lee back together, and it was a shock to see what she did. I could understand it though. When the future of humanity and in
  9. -Optimus Prime - Peter Cullen - Transformers
  10. First Blood is still MUCH better than Rambo. Stallone's delivery in the latest flick was much better. We still joke at work with the old 'NOTHING IS OVER!' line from the original. Plus, I always thought the first flick looked like it was shot in Canada, which makes it lose major points. Why? Many movies are shot all over the world while the setting is in the States or somewhere else. Producers and directors go for a look, and wherever they find it is where it will be shot. If the film was set in Canada and you have a particular hatred of that country then I would un
  11. First Blood is still MUCH better than Rambo.
  12. Watched Indy 3 last night. I'm sorry to say that it blows #4 right out of the water, from the very first seconds. It's more passionate, more intense, more fun to watch than any single minute of #4 and it's also better filmed, better acted, better directed, better written. #4 is now total crap to me, as Indy films go.
  13. Six was posing as a co-worker. He was duped, like the rest of humanity. He could even be the biggest victim of all. He is all ego. And on that day when Six revealed herself to him just before the attacks, it destroyed him. Oh and did anyone notice that Jake is back???
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