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  1. Thank you. That's perfect. For those that were wondering/weren't sure, yes Mike was Killian/Visceris/Hades_One/Doomsayer/etc. And yes, especially back on the BIS boards he had a tendency to be an utter bastard in his posts. But a bit more than half the time it tended to be because he was a naturally argumentative person (running arguments were often our way of making light conversation around the apartment) and just hadn't gotten his head around how the net deletes spoken context. But yes, that other bit less than half of the time he was really just intentionally being a bastard because he could. Talking to past members of our table-top group yesterday, one of them managed to find some pics from a few years ago that are, frankly, Mike looking the best I'd ever known him to. I know he has them as digital format, so if it's wished, I can post a link to the files once I have them hosted. And yes, once the obit is written up, I will make sure I post a copy for those who wish it.
  2. Thank you, everyone for your responses and kind words. We haven't learned precisely how he died, but given how he'd been feeling the afternoon beforehand our best guess without hearing from his family is that his kidneys failed. Llyranor, that bit you've done with Mike's avatar is beautiful. Would it be possible to get a copy at my email in the OP? If it's scalable, something that would go well at the top of a standard printed page (not the whole page, just across the top) would be wonderful. His Mr. Bean Sith avatar really summed him up well and I think it would be very well received with his friends. And believe me, I truly wish that this were some kind of mistake or bad net joke. But it's not. Mike was often an argumentative pain in the rear with a sense of humor that made minor deities do a 'wtf' double take, but he was never cruel.
  3. I am not Killian. I am his roommate and friend, known in the places I haunt as Valashar. Killian, whose real name was Michael, died late last night. I know that he knew and was known to many of you, so I felt that rather than just let him become just another poster who faded away into idleness I should instead make his passing known. Should anyone wish to contact us regarding Mike or his passing, please contact me at the following email: LadyValashar (at) gmail (dot) com I cannot promise a swift response, at least until after things have been taken care of regarding the funeral and such, but I do promise a response.
  4. Did I mention she is like a sister. I'm not into incest.
  5. Hmmm... I don't have a camera. Maybe my new roommate does on her cellphone. She wants us to join a gym. She has been really kicking my ass on quite a number of things. Mostly it being a good thing. The kitchen has been its cleanest since in five years, but the damn woman is also pushing me to get a pedicure. She is like a sister to me and everything, but I feel like I am getting whipped!
  6. In a democracy, you have every right to disobey and protest against an unreasonable law, and you should never have to suffer violent treatment or persecution because of it. The law is not some holy commandment that you have to accept no matter how ridicilous or unethical it may be. (obviously, this doesnt apply to self-evident stuff like murder being illegal and so on.) I believe your founding fathers were quite down with this idea, and they also added that the people should always be able to overthrow a goverment that is no longer acting in the best interest of the people. To be perfectly honest I am willing to break an unjust law, I would encourage others to do so, but I will not be blind to the consequences of such actions, even if those consequences would mean my death. You do not have to accept the Law, but the consequences of breaking it.
  7. Just because you disagree with the Law does not give you the right to disobey the Law. Disobey an unjust Law all you want, but be prepared to accept the consequences.
  8. Like I said Di, it takes two to tango. I am not keen on commandos firing on civilians with lethal ammo, for that is indeed an overreaction however it did get the response that most activists want in their causes.
  9. Well, I am still losing weight it seems. Down to 321 now. That is fraking 50 pounds since I started this! I do need to do some exercises to flatten my stomach a bit, but still 50 fraking pounds! And thanks for all the support you guys have been giving.
  10. I am still doing the portion control over food intake and doing my best to avoid fast food. Hell, most of fast food makes me nauseous. On the pop side, since the accident I have felt a little to worn out so I have increased my caffeine intake to give me that little boost, but I am avoiding the heavier colas and sticking to diet soda as much as possible. Walsh, I am sure I will.
  11. I'll just say it takes two to tango, but in this case Israel has taken the lead.
  12. The doctor said the main bone has already healed by the 14th. I still need the brace for another month and can't lift anything over 5 pounds, but beyond that it is healing nicely. The loss of the tooth and the bill are more of a pain than the arm.
  13. I am one of the millions uninsured. I can't afford physical therapy. Hell, I'm $4000 in the hole already!
  14. Hi. I'm checking in. Okay, weight loss thingie is on hold. Why you may ask? Earlier this month, on May 6th I did something I have never done before and hopefully never do again. I broke my right arm. How you may ask. Well, it was because of foolishness. Earlier I did something I rarely do. I drank a pint of beer. Yes, one pint. Later I was messy around with my friends and decided to do a full out run being slightly tipsy, wearing loose shoes, and still over 300 pounds. My right leg gave out and I went smashing into the concrete. Broke my arm, right were the radius meets up with the wrist bones. Had to have surgery to boot and now there is a metal plate and screws in my arm. I also cracked a tooth that later fell out, and scratched one lense of my glasses. Next time I have a pint, no running. On the brighter side of things, I did go to that cook out and saw Iron Man 2 that night.
  15. I just don't get all this hoopla any more. A game is either fun to play or not fun to play. If you find a game not fun to play then find a game that is fun to play. Why get all worked up about it?
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