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  1. No there are no cutscenes. I have not gotten that message from visquis yet. Its no big problem the game works fine after gotos yacht. just tried five minutes ago.
  2. Atton- dual sabers green Bao Dur- double bladed blue saber Handmaiden- double bladed silver saber Mira- Dual bladed short orange sabers Visas- double bladed red saber Kreia- single bladed green saber
  3. I am on Narr Shadda and I finished that quest were you kill the red eclipse slavers on the ebon Hawk. I left the ship. Now for some reason I cant get back on the ebon hawk. I have tried reloading the game but it does not work.
  4. There was a post like this on bioware.com but I did not find one here. you know you have played too much kotor 2 when... ...you make up K2 stats for all you friends. ...you are in your karate class and are trying to decide wether to use power attack or flurry on your opponent. ..when you call money credits.
  5. Oh I get it let play with the old mans head is it? He's half-senile he'll forget I said anything! Uh...wiat what was this about agian? - Jolee Bindo Elusive?! Me elusive?! Obviously you've never tried to grab a twilek dancing girl after drinking to much juma juice! - Jolee Bindo You did'nt get out much as a jedi did you? - Mira Yeah I'll be in my chambers. But since Ido'nt have any I'll just go to the ****pit like I always do.
  6. For some reason most of the k2 cutscenes do not play. the only ones that work are mira in the jekk jekk tarr and the atton/twilek assasins scenes. does anyone else have this problem? please help.
  7. Sorry about posting in the wrong forum. No there are not 13 other high on pies I just put 14 becuase its my age.
  8. For some reason most of the cutscenes do not play. Example: I get Visas in my party but do not get the cutscene of her and Nihlus. Please help.
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