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  1. Alrighty then. I just wanna know where master vandar is? Cause from K1 Vrook dies in K2, & the others die on miraluka. So wheres he?
  2. Don't you think it would be sweet if george lucas decided to make episodes 7,8, & 9? Talk about it.
  3. What r your favorite pro football teams?
  4. How can anyone say no to the sexy thang known as mira. Plus! you get sumwhat of a romance w/her.
  5. Ight so who thinks that you should be able like in the end be like a jedi general in the clone wars. So you could be in the final battle and like control the space battle tell them to kill themselves.lol. No but seriously it would be hella cool if you could control the final battle. Whether its on the ground with republic/sith/mandolorian troops runin' around throwin grenades att each other and some commandos with like the ordo repeating blaster rifiles. Or in space with the capitol ships moving in on the enemy flagship with the fighters making a perimiter around the capitol ships. With your m
  6. lol. I started this post but i have an xbox. anyway just tell me anyway. pleaz
  7. I can get to level 31 without cheats hella hard but i can. Oh ya & in my experience "Darth Traya" i've found if you use the hssis glitch/cheat it makes the real Darth Traya on malachor almost IMPOSSIBLE TO BEAT! ight thats what i got to say. peace out
  8. What the Hell? Who would vote for peragus? Taris kicked ___ anyway. Every time I play peragus i feel sick .
  9. Are there any "mods" for xbox. Cause I heard that you can get like a rainbow lightsaber. That would be hella awsome.
  10. I agree whole-heartedly that Knights of the New Republic would kick some you-know-what. I mean you could start off by like being a force sensitive dude who is trying to prove him/herself to become a jedi. You could still chose your general class, then your jedi class, then your jedi prestige class. Then it could be like J.A. where you have a master and can like do stuff like that. But it wouldn't be like J.A. where there are different levels but like the KotOR saga where everything is a level
  11. Has anyone found a way to keep him in your party??? If so i would like to know how
  12. Part 2. this is the remainder of the part i displayed earlier. Oh and critisize all you want. But please dont call me a liar. Now before you can leave Khoonda city, a messenger has sent for you from the council. They have found a jedi master for you depending on which jedi classs you chose depends on your master. All of the Masters are Former sith. Jedi Guardian-Dustil Onasi, Jedi Sentinel-Yuthera Ban, Jedi Consular-Kel Algwin. Then they talk to you about the force and blah-blah-blah they say that you will quickly become a jedi knight then they say that have to accompany you until you a
  13. This all in the event that revan and exile are lightsided. ok so this is how i want it to be. I want the sith fleet that attacked telos and the rest of the sith from the unknown regions have come to cripple the republic. The exile has stayed back instead of gone ahead to fight with revan against the darkness that is to come. He is rebuilding the jedi order to help the republic. Most of the outer rim worlds are actually siding with the sith believing that the sith will provide them with more resourses then the republic. And the hold a grudge against the republic for allowing the mandolo
  14. no I mean i mainly meant how did the main charector have that double bladed blue lightsaber.
  15. Darth Jarize


    Myne are olbdude93 & smcenter51. I use smcenter51 mainly. What are yours?
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