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  1. For some reason ingame its easier to get ls than darkside points plz can sumone help me get alot of DS points. 1. What planet is good for DS points 2.What people r good for ds points Also i heard u can go to Telos surface and get ur special saber back from atris if this isnt true how do i get quest for special saber
  2. What should i get for a jedi sentinels prestige class{Im Darkside}
  3. Honestly i wouldnt no lol i just read in it official guide. {Dont ask me lol i have been confused by this glitch especially mira and hanhaar in pic and i think i read this in guide im not sure}
  4. Lol of course exile is girl cause Revan is a male Revan is mostly referred to as a male it even says on wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Revan
  5. I was wondering which one can take combat better i want a prestige class that can go with my jedi sentinel that wont need stealth. I want a good class that can take the dmg from enemies pretty good with robes on.
  6. Lol i mean Starforge vs Deathstar as in a one on one fight
  7. I was thinking about this for awhile and who would win the starforge or death star I think Starforge overall cause it can send wave and wave of troops at death star blocking its ray and still have troops left over and plus the darth star has a large reload time and it isnt so powerful to take out a full fleet just most of the fleet and the Starforge has guns so it can provide backup.
  8. Oh rely well i guess its gone then lol i guess i heard rong <{POST_SNAPBACK}> im not sure how to black things out for spoilers but ill give you a chance to look away.... *spoilers* I think if your darkside you get the chance to fight atris, maybe if you kill her you get your lightsaber back? Im not sure though... ill look into it when i get home later today KK thx and u get to fight her lightside also and can kill her but thx man tell me wah u find <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
  9. Oh rely well i guess its gone then lol i guess i heard rong
  10. I heard that she took ur LS or somone did and u can get a optional quest to retrieve ur saber.
  11. I was wondering how do i get my old LS i got taken away from me i heard there was a sidequest for it but how would i get that quest?
  12. Did u get quest for Vrook from the dead ppl near disciple if so then try looking in Colorful Cave I say colorful to not spoil
  13. How do i get my LS back do i kill Atris for it or sumin cause i rely want my orginal saber lol
  14. Lol anyone can tell Mandalore is him i mean his voice and the way he acts gives it away though mandalorians act like him still he stood apart from all off the mandalorians if u think about it and he told alot of stories lol. I say he and him to not spoil
  15. The Revan u killed in that sith temple was a vision tho i read in strategy guide u can look Malaks and Bastilla's LS in there
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