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  1. Thats because terrorists do not follow the Geneva Convention. Terrorists violate every freaking rule in that convention. So they cant have legal POW rights. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Another thing is these assumed terrorists get no rights at all. They dont get a chance to prove they are not a terrorist; they are put in jail for years without any chance at all to prove their innocence! Thats the worst part of it. They are just dragged in and put in jail on the bare assumption that they must be terrorists, Some of them are of course but I can guarantee you that some of them are just as innocent as you and me and they have no way of clearing their name. And that is the disgusting part about what they are doing at Guantanamo
  2. Speak for yourself. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Darque, it's true, my Vocabulary book for ENGLISH this last year, had improper definitions for words they were trying to teach you. They've been dumbing down the materials and system for the lowest common denominator for quite some time now. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> That's because they are trying to dumb down all americans to the same level as George W. Bush
  3. Thanks, all good links, keep'm coming :D
  4. Ahhh my damn laptop had a hardware failure and I lost most of my stuff on it including my bookmarks. I never thought about how important my bookmark file is to me until now. I just realized I lost 7 years of accumulated bookmarks and surfing :'( The more I think about it the more frustrating it gets but enough ranting and let's get to my question. What I am looking for is a site that list links to websites of all kinds. If it has it organized into like software, hardware, games etc so it is easy to find what you are looking for that would be even better. If you have something like this could you please post it here. Or even better yet if you people could list some bookmarks you have here to help me get started surfing again, the links could be anything that you find interesting, but I need links to websites that has about these things; games, xbox, hardware/software for pc, web development and other sites that are just fun/interesting to surf Please help a "lost" surfer
  5. If you put a modchip in your xbox you can play the restoration project on the xbox too
  6. Yes you can have her kill herself to save you. She will take her lightsaber and stab it through her stomach. She needs to be wearing her own clothes and have a lightsaber. This is no bull****. When you fight nihilus and you get to the part where you ask her if she can disrupt the link to nihilus you can tell her to take her own life. It's quite a sad moment actually. Even mandalor says he death was worthy of a mandalorian. Go ahead and try
  7. Looks great guys, you are doing some great work. Looking forward to it
  8. Well most of the jobs are for different types of designers for a upcoming console role-playing game. So at least it will be an rpg but I guess that wasnt a suprise But since it says console role-playing game maybe it wont be for the pc at all, that will upset some people on this board I would guess :ph34r: EDIT: And they are looking for people experienced with Unreal engine technology! So does that mean it will be a console role-playing game using the newest Unreal Engine! If thats the case I'm very excited (w00t)
  9. Download the newest drivers from official ATI site and use this program to allow the drivers to be installed on a mobility card. That way you have the official drivers
  10. I have a Ati Radeon 7500 and I can go to the Ebon Hawk, Dantooine, Kooriban, parts of Dxun and parts of Malachor. Rest of the game crashes go figure
  11. This is in the game. Just ask here to scacrifice herself But I would like to see: HK-Factory Jedi Master Vash not dead on Korriban Droid Planet The stuff from Malachor that was cut
  12. They could release the patch on cd instead of over the Live network. Technically its not a problem its just a matter of LA funding such a patch
  13. No. Its a new save so it wont affect your other games
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