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  1. How ironic that people download a beta version of an unreleased project and then whine about it when it breaks. That's why it's called a beta, people. And now you know why it hasn't been released yet.
  2. You shouldn't if you don't want to. You can't. You can only rely on our word. You'd be surprised of who would. But really. As been said before, the team doesn't have to give anything. They don't need fan support. It's being done because they want to. Not because everyone else does. If suddenly the world turned a blind eye towards the project, it wouldn't do anything to break the mod in the slightest.
  3. Which makes us wonder... I should probably have noted that it was meantioned as being a repeat of an older bug. so I'd assume they already knew how to solve the problem-hence it being solved so quickly. The classification of bugs is the worst way to determine the length of time it takes to fix it. A major bug could take 3 minutes to fix while a tweak can take 3 hours to fix.
  4. You absolutley need an intelligence of 15 in order to ask T3-M4 where the Ebon Hawk came from. If you Computer Use skill is high enough then you should know he is avoiding the question and from there, it'll display.
  5. It should also be put in brackets that the bug count is not a countdown to release...
  6. Honestly. There is baiting going on on both sides. All I see is ignorance from both parties...let me clarify two things for Mr. Slayer and then lets drop it. Okay? Most people outside the gaming industry would think that. So you are technically correct. But it's our life to waste and to us, it's not such a waste. Personally, I think playing tennis is a waste of time. Perspective, people... Agreed. They did do a great job on the game...and technically, by restoring what Obsidian was forced to cut, they are respecting Obsidian since it's their work and these things were things that were cut which is paying respect to the storyline that Obsidian devised. It makes their work, their script, the actors VO not go to waste. Make sense?
  7. And nobody bothered to answer the question? The reason why it's not working is because your graphic card doesn't support Frame Buffer effects (or it's simply turned off)
  8. Life is crap. It's just a matter of how one deals with it.
  9. Well, I can tell you two things. Stop whining about it and this isn't the place to complain about your K2 problems.
  10. Check the button at the bottom titled "Switch Characters".
  11. Just continue the game as usual. You will meet with them again. It is unavoidable...unless you don't have the fix for it.
  12. Define "downloaded". Sounds to me as if you are using a crack.
  13. You just wasted three hours. Three days ago, the VP of global sales and marketing at LucasArts had this to say:
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