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  1. Well I was wondering, if I leave the sith cave where the hssiss infinite spawn is can I go back or is it a one time deal?
  2. ... Well this is called the KOTOR2 Subforums so what do you think <_< And I just asked if anyone had a patch, confusing... And i've already downloaded the patch through the game but there are other patches out there that i dont know about
  3. My game keeps restarting to the menu and freezes everytime I select a planet to go to for extra stuff. But if I have to go to a planet for a main mission it loads fine but when I want to go back to a planet I've been to then it restarts... any help or patch I can download to help this?
  4. Well, I just finished the planet Nar Shadaa and went to Onderon. When I got there, I wanted to put some items on but EVERYTHING was gone on every character except what they had on. Before I left Nar Shadaa I sold alot of stuff but I still left alot there. I even checked it before I left and I still had everything... So... where did all my items go???
  5. I need to take a quick survey here. I need all of you who are going to do this to disconnect your sound from your computer TOTALLY, not just turning it off, but totally unplugging it. Then, I want you to run KOTOR2 and tell me if it runs normally or if you get an error message. I've had an error message with mine and wondered since my sound wasnt working that the game wouldnt run because that seems to be happening with a few of my other CD's. All help appreciated.
  6. Well, thanks for the help... I'll use that as a last resort But is there any other advice?
  7. Yeah but it doesnt actually give information on what it wrong, it does however if a "techinical look" on whats wrong which is consisted of numbers and letters, more for the smart to read Other then that it just ask if I want to report the error or not to
  8. Well, when I look at the error report it doesnt really say anything thats wrong, the system requirements are right I know that.... And if for some reason it wasnt then wouldnt my computer warn me what I was missing?
  9. Oh sorry, I might of worded that wrong <_< Anyways, no I mean installing by cd's
  10. Well, I recently decided to start playing KOTOR2 again but I'm having some trouble getting it to work. I've downloaded it and when I hit play, the screen goes black then an error message pops up asking to report the error or not... Whats wrong? Heres some info that might help you solve the prob: The type of computer is an XP (duh) and I recently had to get it fixed because of some issue I had with it. I got it back and downloaded all my CD's and stuff but this one doesnt seem to work anymore. I downloaded all the patches and things but still nothing. My sound wont work either when I hoo
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