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  1. Can

    Fantasy novels

    I like Brian JAcques series "Redwall".
  2. Very Wierd. Japanese girl with English as a second language? I didn't even know Japanese people knew that many cus words.
  3. Yes (except in WW2, they helped the Allies)
  4. Metallica- Enter Sandman, One, Sanitarium all are great songs.
  5. I'm a republican so I'm yay for moral values in goverment and everyday life. Also Bush I think is doing a good job and the War in Iraq was for a good reason, to end the terror there.
  6. I picked 10 which is closest to 11 which is my real favorite number.
  7. My dog peed on my cousins pants because he was so excited to see him.
  8. The DARKness imprisoning and all I see is absolute horror- From METALLICA But strange noise get me jumpy.
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