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  1. I picked up the Horse Lords DLC for CK2 and am looking forwarding to jamming on that I was eyeing Running With Rifles, has anyone seen or heard anything about that one?
  2. Linkage Mass Effect Andromeda: How Separated From the Trilogy is Bioware's ME4? Has This Timeline Image Revealed the Plot of Mass Effect 4: Andromeda?
  3. One already exists... http://www.ddo.com/ I've played it and I honestly didn't like it much but I do love LotRO which is also from Turbine. However, I do like most D&D settings over Lord of the Rings though, so go figure... I do understand that Shadowrun isn't all that well known but I do think that it is one of the better settings that I have ever come across. I do doubt that I will ever actually get another Shadowrun game and especially one as good or better than the Sega or SNES versions but man that would be sweet. So much so that I would kill a hobo with a hammer for one.... and by hobo I mean kitten and by kill I mean pet and by a hammer I really mean my hand.
  4. Not possible. Snipers must complete infantry school and have at least two years of fleet service before being selected for the scout/sniper program. I don't know about the Army but the Marines do not allow women to serve in "line" units meaning combat units. They do serve in air and support units but essentially infantry, artillery, and armor are not open to women marines. Pretty much everything else is. I don't want to sound sexist here, but the WMs I served with were not very well respected. They did not pull their weight in training or day to day operations and most could not hack it in unit PT. Most of them finished the formation runs in the back of the trail vehicle with not a word said to them. And nearly every one had a mammoth chip on their shoulders. Not easy to deal with at all. That is not to cast aspersions on all WMs, but the ones I knew did not belong in the Corps. WMs, lol. I bet they all hated being called that, every one of them that I ever knew did at least. All those things you said still hold true today for the most part even though I've had the privilege to serve with a few stellar ones, they were the exception not the rule.
  5. they don't. apparently the closest they come is manning machine guns on humvees guarding truck convoys in iraq. doubtful that a woman marine is actually a "sniper," but they do get advanced infantry training for a month after basic. wiki has an article on women in combat, btw. taks That's what I said. The training we all receive after boot camp is basically so that we can all fill a spot in the "front lines" as it were, if needed. The woman may have been in some kind of combat operation because sh*t happens. I highly doubt it, very highly. Most likely it was on some type of convoy duty because that's where most things happen. Women are used quite a lot in Iraqistan not because of any progressive nature of the American people but more due to cultural issues over there in that part of the world. So to appear culturally sensitive to the rest of the world we put more women out there because the men aren't supposed to touch or even look at the women and it's really hard to search people if you can't touch or look at them.
  6. That's interesting, I really do wish there was some more info on it because I'm really curious. I'm not saying all combat situations involving women are "accidents" I'm just saying that the US does not use women as infantry. You yourself just said that they wouldn't let her become a scout sniper, which are the Marine Corps snipers, because she was a woman. Also I'm not saying that women can't do it because they are women but rather that they can't do it because it's policy. Of the five military branches Navy, Army, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard only two have actual infantry forces and neither allow women in infantry.
  7. Jeez, I was just curious. Sorry I killed your nice thread.
  8. It almost makes me want to go to Israel... If I wasn't afraid of being blown up that is.
  9. There are women on ships and there are women in infantry units however they are support personnel. As far as for women on combat ships I honestly didn't know they weren't allowed, I mean I figured WW2 era and possibly later but not now when there are really no naval threats to us anymore. It's basically a floating base and they are allowed in combat zones already so why not combat ships. I would like to see this female Marine sniper post because I honestly don't believe it to be true. However, all Marines receive some basic infantry training and are required to do annual marksmanship training that does not make them infantry. It is very likely that she may be an excellent marksman of sniper caliber but that doesn't make her a scout sniper.
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