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  1. It's kinda sad that this thread is 7 years old. For 7 years, continuing on without getting any feedback or replies... Life is such a fragile thing. I think I've learned a lot from this thread.
  2. Wouldn't that then make all of modern Eastern Europe into Western Europe, cause no one in Eastern Europe considers an invasion from the West. Except for Russia. But everyone else have spent the last 20 years creating the rhetoric of protecting Europe from Russia, and of Russia as the eternal enemy, and so on and on. An invasion from the West wouldn't come to anyone's mind. Ever. And even if it would happen, it would be welcomed, cause western europeans are white people, unlike russians who are mongoniggajews. Well to be precise, only people of germanic stock are considered to be "white people" (germans, scandinavians, brits), french and meditarrenan people are already considered non-white missing links between ape and man in the racialism of eastern europe. Back to topic. I've only played the Gothic series, but I was always curious about why there seems to be a lack of women in that series. It was especially ridiculous in Gothic 3.
  3. Bethesda - the first Obsidian publisher who actually cares?
  4. Well of course scores don't matter to me, because I am an Obsidian fanboi. I love them whatever they do. I even have an altar dedicated to Obsidian where I sacrifice babies and kittens every night so they would avoid the fate of Troika. But like every true believer I would like my god to be loved by more people. And unfortunantely, it seems that metacritic forms the opinion for most people. So when Obsidian succesful in metacritic, a true believer like me is filled with joy and all sorts of fuzzy warm feelings towards mankind.
  5. It's average/good overall. A lot of games get that kind of metacritic score, but it's still better than most of what Obsidian has done (KOTOR2 has the same metacritic score btw). Good to know that Obsidian seems to be doing okay at the moment. Funny thing about KOTOR2 is that the way internet remembers it, one would guess it was a 25 game.
  6. So is 85 metacritic score good? Or is that the new ****?
  7. Well. I guess this happens when a gaming company is just two people. They won't be doing just zombie rpg's all those hours together.
  8. You know, I never could understand that. I mean, Ultima 7 is the real and only Ultima experience. Together with Martian Dreams and Underworld games. That's the time when they did really interesting things in the franchise. This "I lost interest after the 3rd, 4th..." seems so wrong, because Ultima wasn't Ultima then. And Ultima 5 too fancy graphics at the expense of the game? It had the most detailed world and sophisticated npc schedules and an actual atmosphere and overall tone in rpg's in that time. The game was an immersive exploration experience. Ultima 4 is indeed unique, but that's precisely why one can't remake it. It wouldn't translate well since it's not a "characters and world" game like Ultima's since 5 and before 8.
  9. Speaking of which. Could someone please photoshop some mermaids, captain Nemo and Nautilus, white whales, misty ports, some ships and icebergs into that picture and write "Captain McStormy's Magical Adventures - A Nautical RPG By Obsidian" on it? I tried to do it myself... but I suck.
  10. You know, this actually just make me wish for a Sailor RPG by Obsidian. 19th century, some touches of Verne, a mixture of historical and sailor tales, ships, whales, whores and salty seas, Arctic Circle and shady port towns. And you could just use Matt MacLean as cover art.
  11. I think the plot not making sense is part of the charm. Together with no saving and dialoguse sytem it adds to the general sense of dealing blindly with forces greater than you.
  12. Reading the comments there it seems to be a sort of review that both haters and lovers agree with. "I agree with Yahtzee. This game sucks. I am surprised that he didn't mention how badly the crosshair sucked though." "I agree with Yahtzee. This game is actually pretty good." But regarding Konstantin Bryko. There is another way for us heavy stealth and martial arts guys dealing with him than assault rifles. That's how I did it and I didn't have that good pistol skills. But yeah that's true that you have to at least one set of guns skilled out pretty nicely in AP.
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