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  1. I'm a long fan of Obsidian and several of the games which came from it's staff when they were part of different companies. I like the sorts of RPGs created by this company and how in many ways this company sticks to rich and engrossing dialog based games and I intend to continue supporting them in the future by buying their products. One thing I've been wondering and after searching the forums for references to it, have found one reference to it from years ago, is whether Obsidian has ever considered creating a game based on on the GURPs system. I'm a fan of D&D, however, its heavily f
  2. The only thing that I feel needed improvement was the ending and the graphics, but like the majority of people, I knew that the graphics weren't going to have any huge improvements.
  3. I perosnally hope that they do. Although K2 didn't end in a glorious way as I intended, I have faith in them because of their team and the games the people in Obsidian have made in the past. Other then the ending the game was awesome and since they should be better off financially by then I think they'd do a great job, and probably would tie up the loose ends of K2, as I'm pretty sure Feargus said they would if they made K3.
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