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  1. Another thing I realized set this movie apart is the moment where Max and Furiosa decide to be allies instead of enemies. This is one of the most cliched developements in action and we all knew it was coming and the film knew we all knew it was coming and didn't **** around with all the usual steps. A lesser movie would have had Max see the cars rushing up on them and hesitate. Furiosa would have yelled "Give me a gun!" Bad guys would take shots at their tires as Max struggled with his inner demons. Then he'd have given her a gun reluctantly and as soon as they fought off the baddies they'd sm
  2. Point Blank is a great, great, great film but I'm not sure I'd call it an action film. Maybe just a crime/noir film though obviously there's considerable overlap there. A great Lee Marvin film from that same time that is straight up action is Prime Cut. A man gets turned into sausage. Gene Hackman plays a guy named Mary Sue and sells a naked Sissy Spacek at a cattle auction. Lee Marvin takes her to dinner in a completely see through dress and dares anyone to complain about it. Then he has a giant machinegun battle in a sunflower field. Crashes a truck through a giant greenhouse, survives
  3. Well i'll try to explain simply if you wish, though i'm confused by your stated apathy and yet obvious passion and judgement on the matter. Gamergate is a response to years of corruption, unethical behaviour, nepotism, and demonisation of the diverse millions whom play games recreationally. It arose when a proven case of ethical misconduct involving Mr Nathan Grayson was swept under the rug, conversation was censored on the matter, and those wishing to discuss it were accused of harassment. This was followed by a coordinated attack on gamers by twelves articles with the base theme that "Ga
  4. Just off the top of my head: Some very early ones to see are The General with Buster Keaton, Kurosawa's Seven Samurai, and a French film called The Wages of Fear, three films that still have yet to be outdone for pure perfection and art. I'd say great modern action started in the 60s, more as scenes within other films. Bullitt is still the best car chase of all time, not because of the speed or craziness of it but for the use of landmark techniques to create the feeling of movement for the viewer. The Train, for similar reasons. The Wild Bunch created the crazy action shootout. Most all the Ho
  5. Some random trivia: the original Alien 3 screenplay written by William Gibson, author of neuromancer, had Ripley going off her own way with Newt and the story then following Hicks and Bishop as the two leads. Instead, we got...the movie we got, where everyone is miserable and then dies.
  6. This movie is a sort of a triumph and a sort of film I have been wanting and wanting and haven't recieved in a very long time from Hollywood action cinema. But that anyone thinks there's anything here worth talking about politically is baffling to me. There is not some complex discussion about gender politics going on in this movie. It's a simple, straightforward action movie plot that has been told a hundred times before in exactly the same way -- so common because it serves an action movie pacing so perfectly well when done right. There are a dozen films out every year that could have books
  7. I've tried to figure out what all this fuss was about any of this gamergate nonsense several times and every time I've just been hit with a giant brick to the head of "don't give a ****." This is the stupidest controversy I've ever seen, and anyone who has put any effort into fighting for it in either direction needs badly to realize that we live in a world where a third of the population is going to be in prison soon for no objectively identifiable reason and that the oceans are going to be devoid of life within our lifetime and none of this ****ing matters. The fact that volourn feels st
  8. I'm playing an obsidian game at the moment so I'm back baby. Deal with it.
  9. Also...no? Just...no? Unless you're "just letting it drop" out of an airplane or something? On a gun made largely out of aluminum and plastic, or on any gun really, the barrel is going to be the last thing to give up under abuse. I saw an AR driven over by a John Deere pulling a massive rotary tiller once. Upper and lower recievers were both shredded. Barrel was fine. I'm not sure what you mean about the M1 either. I've only ever seen them babied as relics but that bolt handle is surely stronger than the drop weight of the rifle itself. I'd see the front or rear sight sheering off
  10. Well I can't argue with your three friends. I've only been around literal thousands of them that have worked absolutely fine.
  11. The prevalence of the AR-15 I think probably has more to do with it esentially functioning as a glorified erector set for adults. There are a hundred different manufacturers all making a dozen different variations of every individual part of an AR-15 platform, and all those parts will fit easily together without so much as minor fitting. You can make it into a short barreled silenced 9mm SMG or a heavy match barreled .308 that'll shoot half MOA groups at 800 yards and all the parts to make it do either will easily interchange between both. But it also comes down more to little things: if you d
  12. Except this conversation is specifically about the difference between an AR-15 and a Steyr Aug or whatever.
  13. As a guy who obsesses over the tiniest, littlest imaginable details regarding the firearms he collects, my opinion on the various combat rifle systems fielded throughout the world is this: they're all pretty much the same and anyone who actually believes which one a military happens to use makes a difference in whether they're going to win a war or something is a nonce.
  14. Hillarious as it may be, I'd give at least as much props to those Khyber Pass smiths churning out fully functioning pistols and rifles on anvils out of railroad spikes as I'd give just about any overpriced, high end gun manufacturer in business today.
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