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  1. If this stuff has been said, just ignore it... i didnt feel like reading 70 pages... My idea for Kotor III would start off pretty simple... you are a young padawan at the jedi enclave on dantooine... some of the "Lost Jedi" make up the council... Atton, Brianna, Visas (yes, you turned her), Bao-Dur, Mira... curiously absent is Bastila... Not sure on the story.. of course you are sent to find out what happened to Exile and Revan... why you are chosen to go is a mystery, seeing as you are just a padawan... Unknown to you is the fact that 20 years ago (at the end of Kotor I) Bastila ha
  2. Was Luke Skywalker given a sith name when he began apprenticed to Palpatine's clone?
  3. Here is the deal.. If KOTOR 3 is made.. and it is made for the XBOX 360, MS has stated that ALL games on the XBOX 360 will be XBOX LIve enabled... this may just mean extra levels, downloadable content.. but i think they would push for online play.. Maybe not MMRPG, but maybe the NWN style, Main character, with tag-alongs..
  4. Regardless, Obsidian should have taken into account the Mobility community. Laptops are more popular than ever, so more and more people are using them for games and movies like they used to on their desktops. Laptop video cards always lag behind those on desktops and they cannot be changed. So unless you can afford the $3500 ALienware, you will likely have a crappy video card, and even that one will be crap in a year or two. No i have played this game on my laptop using a saved game that started me on dxun. The mandalore camp on dxun crashed it again, just like the scene on the ebon hawk at th
  5. PCI express looks like it will be the new thing, simply because AGP's main weakness is that it is ONLY a video card slot...
  6. The thing is, my card didnt meet the standards on the last game, but it still played fine... now if the box said "dont buy this if you cant use opengl 1.4", then i wouldnt have bought it... but then.. I wouldnt have bought it..
  7. wow.. this thread went to crap faster than Lucasarts' reputation...
  8. just crashed going into the Mandalore camp on Dxun... heh.. im wondering what wonderful effects are using opengl 1.4, because it didnt look that special to me. bad business if you ask me. Would be smarter to make a game that includes a very large chunk of the market out there... there are alot of people who dont go out and get new video cards every year or 3...
  9. I am using an ATI Radeon Mobility 7500 with opengl 1.3... The game kicks out to the desktop anytime i try to start a new game, however... i got a saved game from a friend so i could start at Dxun and the game runs like a champ.. well.. the grass doesnt work, but thats the same as with Kotor1. Now, if Dxun work, what is it about the beginning of the game that kills Kotor2? Is this something that can be worked around by us or by a patch?
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