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  1. the CPU i am using is a P4 2.5a with a 300w power supply
  2. if i have to get a new motherboard, i am afraid that i have to get a new CPU as well, coz the CPU i am using is a P4 2.5a socket 478, from the webpage below, i couldn't find any mother board that can spport both 478pin CPU and PCI-E at the same time. http://www.canadacomputers.com/index.php?d...md=pl&id=MB.575
  3. Also, i would reccomend keeping your eye out for 512mb of ram, it should be cheap enough to find and should definatly help EDIT: or another stick of 256mb so that it adds up to 512mb, seeing as it seems your only using 1 RAM slot you should have 1 or 2 free slots to put some more into. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> ok, thx for ur info by the way, i still have 3 more free ram slots left(1 ddr, and 2 sdr) if i am going to buy a new ram to run dual channel, do i need to aware of its speed and size??? do i have to get a 256 PC2100??? or any others are fine?? sry for asking so many questions~~
  4. can my comp support an ati x800xl 256 agp??
  5. ??anyone can give me some advice???
  6. sooo, can my computer support this one?? or which company's ram will u guys suggest http://www.canadacomputers.com/cc/index.ph...965ac0a0385edb6
  7. this is the info of my motherboard
  8. You could start by saying what computer it is... :D <{POST_SNAPBACK}> the computer i am using is a P4-2.5G
  9. i want to buy some new ram can any one tell me how to check what ram fits my computer (the only thing i know is that i am using ddr ram)
  10. i know it's the 2nd generation of centrio, but like, what is it, what does it do?
  11. ooooo, see it, thank q guys now the second question is will PCI Express quickly replace AGP? coz now i am not sure if i should just buy an AGP graphic card, or buy a new mother board and a PCI Express graphic card. any suggestions of which card to buy??
  12. i am currently using a 2 year old computer with on-board graphic. since i cannot play many 3D games with it, so i am planning to buy a new graphic card, yet i am not sure what kind of slot my computer has. can anyone tell me how to check it. if it is PCI, can it support an AGP graphic card??
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