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  1. I think you have not played it. I think you are wrong.
  2. Thank you a hundred time than a thousand more.
  3. My English is very poor.I need "Amanda Mcbroom" "The Portrait" lyric.Anyone who can help me?
  4. You mean they not safe?Perhaps you are right,but Chinese food is NO.1 in the world.
  5. Well, for the Tiananmen Square Massacre, I actually get proper results. The Communist Party of China must have only made Google block it for identifiable Chinese citizens (i.e. IPs from China). http://www.google.cn/search?q=tiananmen+square+massacre You are RIGHT.You can see something,but I can't.Because this is Politics I...we are the victim.
  6. Here is Chinese Google search Dalai Lama:http://www.google.cn/search?complete=1&hl=zh-CN&newwindow=1&q=%E8%BE%BE%E8%B5%96%E5%96%87%E5%98%9B&btnG=Google+%E6%90%9C%E7%B4%A2&meta=&aq=f&oq= I remember someone speak this:if you love he/she,sent he/she to New York becasue it is heaven;if you hate he/she ,sent he/she to New York becasue it is hell.But now ,I think New York should change to China.
  7. I am so happy because someone recognize me.I leave this forums more than 2 years. You mean LAW?I only can tell you in China puissance>money>law.Law is any time ready to common people.Becasue ONLY one clan rule this country. Thank you to remember me.
  8. Melamine in the milk. http://www.google.cn/search?hl=zh-CN&q...mp;aq=f&oq= I ...I like milk but now I fear.
  9. Freedom,what is TRUE freedom?-------Death.
  10. He( broken neck one) is an idiot.I don't know someone who break his neck before I visit this post. It is nothing happen for goverment,because Chinese people is too much, they(goverment) don't really care about someone was dead. Only war can change this.
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