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  1. I had Visas, Mandalore, and Mira. I used Visas in steath to sneak in between the grenades and either dissable or destroy the alarm thing (cant remember which). But it worked out nicely
  2. i dont remember having a problem there. Just used dual pistols and rapid shot
  3. I was wondering why i kept getting unarmed combat. I was a Jedi Sentinel also.
  4. On the Hks at the hutt warehouse, my T3 just shock armed em to death after a plasma grenade. They died fast.
  5. I know i ended up having one but i think it might have been already placed in a lightsaber that droped or was given to me
  6. Im trying to look at it like this: My PC, being disconected from the force is informed that he is the last of the jedi and out a moral/duty obligation must attempt to stop the sith. He seeks to reunite all the masters to combat the threat only to discover that the threat is in fact himself. And therefore the PC, due to his nature with the force ( empty shell - using others who can feel the force to increase in strength himself) becomes relativly stronger than anyone else using the force. Also, I think that Nilihus' attack on Telos was more an action of desperation rather than a strategic move. He also fed off the force in others and had grown week since there was a lack of jedi/ force sensitve people to be found. Hence, the ease of his defeat was due to his weakened state. I think at the end the game is more about unlocking the mystery of your own character rather than trying to save the galaxy. even though that is what happened when you beat Treya Someone let me know if i something in that is obviously wrong
  7. Wurd. As far as the plot goes, i thought it seemed fine along the way. ' I have to unite the hidden jedi masters to fight the evil sith after they reveal themselves. so i get the jedi masters at dant. and OH they want to strip my power.... again. the story then heads in a completely different direction and i spend the last parts of the game wondering "what am i fighting for now?" Also at the very end, I chose to follow Revan into then "unknown" parts of space or whatever just becuase it seemed to be the least dissapointing ending to choose from but still didnt offer any real closure. edit: I also only read about the first 2 pages of this thread before i felt i needed to post. so someone may have said the same thing already.
  8. **at the end i think i had 3 or 4 blue ones. and i agree that they didnt tie up the ending with the remote and goto. it ended their scene with goto saying that he wasnt going to let the planet be destroyed and he didnt just wanted the republic to survice. didnt explain anything further thou. **edit: whoops, didnt see that there were two pages. that was in response to ROFLTUNASANDWHICH's post.
  9. lol i plan on playing through it again on ds and doing all of the quests.
  10. If you do end up killing them all on each planet, that would make going back to dantoine that last time not nessesary?
  11. Yea i agree ladymurasaki. i was sooooo satisfied when i finally got my lightsaber.
  12. If you go dark side, will it make you fight all the jedi masters that you are suppose to rally or just vrook?
  13. not sure about the wookie but other characters you can influence out of the dark side right? i could have swore Visas was ls by the end of the game.
  14. I went: Dantooine --- Nar Shadda --- Onderon --- Korriban. Seemed to work out nicely
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