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  1. I just got the Message from Visquis or w/e I think thats, going to be my ticket thnx!
  2. I have done all of the sidequests that I can, killed the guy at the exchange, fought the red sumthin slavers, talked to the hut, saw a cutscene of Mira nad Hannar, (although she is not on my team yet) , I have done everything. But I am stuck...
  3. ok, I know that I need the air speeder, I have gotten all of the parts in it except the power cell. I got the cell of the lithorian, bu then I accidentally used it in the pilon control center. Now where do I get another one. I think that I have done everything except that. Is that where Goto is? I have killed all the enemies on this side of the airspeeder. is this a bug? Where can I get another power cell? Thnx in Advance -TBU
  4. How did you sneak up, I have snuck up with Bao and disabled the mines that were in my way then the alarm goes off, I kill the guys and the Boma easily. So How do you sneak up (obviously cloaked and in self mode)? Thnx...
  5. thnx Ill try that, I always disabled the turrets, that was part of my problem I think! thnx again I will try later on tonight!
  6. I can't try it now, but I dont have the Hand Maiden. I was at Telos then was commanded to leave. I Have gon from Peragus to Citidel thingy, to telos, to duxon, to Ka**** (sith place) back to Duxon. When I get the meesage to go back to Duxon, can I just go somewhere else without be penalized? Thnx again.
  7. I get to the entrance, I disable the alarm, I get to the computer and enable the "retarded droid thing" and I go to the entrance, and I get killed by them, and the big animal thing (bona) w/e thnx
  8. Ya, so I just got the game and I love it. But I cant get past the sith temple thing on Duxon. I have used Atton, Vissas (sp), Mandalore, Disciple, and Boa Dera (sp) in no particular order. But they always end up dying and setting off the alarm in the begining, can someone help me out? Thnx
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