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  1. It isn't that hard. Just slap on a melee shield, and shoot him down. Or you could just run him through the mines with the occasional Rapid Shot. Be careful though, even if Mira can't make the mines go BOOOM, she can still be hurt when Hanharr does.
  2. http://www.gamebanshee.com/starwarskotorii...ons/surface.php That leads to a pretty nice Walkthrough, with maps and guides. Beware though, it contains spoilers, so if you don't want the game somewhat spoilt, do NOT follow the link. Btw, shouldn't this be in the spoilers forum?
  3. I alway needed to be lvl 6 or something to be able to beat him
  4. and what happens if you kill some of them, but not all?
  5. I found the KSE, and used it.. I "applied" all the changes, but nothing happened to my saved game.. for example, i wanted to give myself 20 computeruse, but nothing happened..
  6. Hmm, since I have a swedish keyboard, the ~ is left of the enter button. (we have 3 more letters than the english alphabet (
  7. if you do it fast enough, they won follow you. they will just stand still... remember, they use medpacks. but you have all the time in the world..
  8. I just love the Whatchmen. Huge amounts of HP (CON) huge amounts of skills (even more useable in KotorII) and Neak Attack (always usefull IMO) and the hybrid thingy. But honestly.. I've never run out of force at higher lvl's (then again I have never played a 8 WIS char either...
  9. Just run him up behind the bar, and let him gun them down.. easy as pie.
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